Who We Are



From ever ago, art has the task to visualize, what is, and transforms it.

Intuitive art is so valuable, because it never creates the absolute instant seized, and thus new since being.Nothing existence is taken up, nothing well-known, but it will again, and again create the internal intuition, and inspiration following.All are the same, whether this is: dance, pantomime, theatre, music, poetry, painting, drawing,sculpting or other creative projects...

With my intuitive art, I will accompany you to your inner journey, in a space where stillness, and maybe shadow catching is the real essence.

So be aware: if you were able to listen to the sound of stillness, you were able to listen to inspirations !

Feel the vibrations of love,visualization, be connected to your soul, spirits, and mother earth, nothing will be clearer, than in that special moment: here & now.


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