The ISPC 2011 will bring together leading researchers in the field of Philosophy of Chemistry, i.e. chemists, biochemists, historians, philosophers, educators and sociologists, which will discuss foundational, epistemological, methodological and ontological problems of chemistry and its subfields; the autonomous role of chemistry between physics and biology, the particularities of chemistry and its relations to technology and other scientific fields; modelling and instrumentation in chemistry, the nature of explanation in the chemical sciences; aesthetical, ethical, and environmental matters in chemistry; as well as philosophically relevant aspects of the history, sociology, linguistics, and education of chemistry and other related topics.  These scholars will show the recent advances in philosophy of chemistry and the frontier themes to be studied in the future.

Of particular interest will be:

1) To explore the roots, the development and the impact, the implications and difficulties of Avogadro's hypothesis from the crossed perspectives of history, philosophy and education, with a special attention to the understanding and teaching of chemistry (atomism, materiality, substance definitions, theory dynamics, peculiarity of chemistry, etc.).

2) To analyse the relationship between mathematics and chemistry from a philosophical and historical perspective.