Greetings! χαίρετε! Chairete!

(Image of Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls, Rome, in public domain)
Welcome to the class website for the undergraduate course "Introduction to Paul and the Catholic Letters."

As we develop this site, you will find many resources for your use both during the course and after you finish the course.

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Paul was the Apostle or Messenger to the Gentiles (the nations, the peoples). Today, as always, people everywhere yearn to hear a message of hope and encouragement in a world that is quite challenging. Let us find that message in Paul so we can pass it on to others.

In addition, the letters known as the "Catholic" or universal letters are themselves small gems. The Letter of James, especially, calls us to be "a poor Church for the poor," as Pope Francis says, in a world full of too much suffering, indifference, and deprivation.

Oswald Sobrino, M.A., J.D.

(Image above of the Basilica Church of St. Paul Outside the Walls, Rome, the traditional burial place of Paul, in public domain)

"I have to say that for me there has been no more stimulating exercise, for the mind, the heart, the imagination and the spirit, than trying to think Paul's thoughts after him and constantly to be stirred up to fresh glimpses of God's ways and purposes with the world and with us strange human creatures."
                                                                       --N.T. Wright

(Image in header of Mamertine Prison, Rome, where tradition has it that Peter and Paul were imprisoned, under Creative Commons License, Wikimedia Commons)