Rock Your State!

Hey everyone!  I looked at all the maps that were posted here as of 1 pm on Monday, and I've added comments where I think they might be helpful.  You still have time to find a new map or correct any issues!  --Laura Sanders

 Your Name  Web address where the map is located (also give address for the key/legend, if it is on a different page from the state map)
 Alabama  Hector Deleon

 American Samoa    

 California  David Yoon
 Connecticut  Scott M. Goedert
 Florida  Sachiko Dosch  Sachiko, good find!  Can you give us a link that takes us directly to the map?  Also, make sure you give a link that takes us directly to the legend.
 Dave Nusbaum
 David Mazanek

 Illinois JIE MEI
 Indiana  Atalissa Dean you have to move the mouse over each section to find out what rocks are there so i moved it over each sections and copied them down when i printed it. 
 Maine  Bartholomew Brylak 
 Michigan  Bryce C. Harris
 Minnesota  James Vavrik
 Montana  Aroush Samad

 New Hampshire  Steven Lublansky
 New Jersey
Klimek  This should work, Karina; looks good!
 New Mexico    
 New York    
 North Carolina  Mohammad Shah
 map/ legend:
 North Dakota    
 Northern Mariana Islands    
 Ohio  Matthew Hernandez
 Pennsylvania  Patricia
Bigos  Looks great, Patricia!

 Puerto Rico  Alex Raymundo
 Rhode Island    
 South Carolina    
 South Dakota  Theresa Cherone You have to click on the different colors to find out the names of the rocks
 U.S. Virgin Islands    
 Virginia  Izaan Khan
 West Virginia  Marc Arenberg
 Wisconsin  Eli Hetland  Nice map, Eli!
 Wyoming  Dave Donnelly
You have to open the key and map seperately