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 Volcanoes: Find a map showing locations of all volcanoes around the world. 
1.dave nusbaum
2.Steven Lublansky
3. Karina Klimek
4. Aroush Samad
5.Patricia Bigos
 "Hot Spot" Volcanoes  Hot spots are a special subset of volcanoes.  This map should show where all the hot spot volcanoes are located.
1.Mohammad Shah
2.Marc Arenberg
3.Sachiko Dosch
4.Eli Hetland
5. James Vavrik
Earthquake Epicenters: Show locations of earthquake epicenters around the world (note: NOT an "earthquake hazard" map!) 
1. Theresa Cherone
2 Izaan Khan
3.Atalissa Dean
4.Bryce C. Harris
5.Alex J. Raymundo
Focal Depth of Earthquakes:  The focus of an earthquake is the center of energy release--the point where seismic waves originate.  It may range from shallow to deep.  (Focus is *not* the same as "magnitude"!)  This map should show how *deep* the earthquake foci are.
1.Bartholomew J. Brylak
2.Dave Donnelly
3.Hector Deleon
Thickness of Earth's crust
1.Scott M. Goedert
2.David Mazanek
3.Matt Hernandez
4.Jie Mei