NAMES OF STUDENTS WHO WILL RESEARCH THIS AREA (LIMIT: FIVE PER AREA).  Log in, click "Edit Page", and add your name.  Then click "Save".
 Volcanoes: Find a map showing locations of all volcanoes around the world. 
1. Jennalin Spera
2. Monika Staniszewska
3. Matt Palka
4. Megan Wolske
5. Aaron Schlessman
 "Hot Spot" Volcanoes  Hot spots are a special subset of volcanoes.  This map should show where all the hot spot volcanoes are located.
1. Christina Wong
2. Aida Halilovic
3. Jennifer Funtowitz 
4. Jessica Siguenza
5. Deyue Mao
Earthquake Epicenters: Show locations of earthquake epicenters around the world (note: NOT an "earthquake hazard" map!) 
1. Lauren Walsh
2. Sunny Ibrahimova
3. Amanda Chavez
4. Daniel Spezzia
5. Noel Johnson
Focal Depth of Earthquakes:  The focus of an earthquake is the center of energy release--the point where seismic waves originate.  It may range from shallow to deep.  (Focus is *not* the same as "magnitude"!)  This map should show how *deep* the earthquake foci are.
1.Alexis Kalady
2. Jessica Romero
3. Andy Choi
4. Jennifer Hoye
Thickness of Earth's crust
1.Lina Latif
2.Matthew Williams
3.John Karavidas
4. Kelly Brombosz
5.Shelly Ramey