Online Course: Intromediate Microeconomics

Welcome to my online microeconomics video tutorial website.  Whether you are new to this material or just looking for an efficient refresher on the basics of microeconomics, this set of videos can be a useful resource for you.

This page (click through) has links to my video tutorials on microeconomics, statistics and probability.  I am still creating new video lectures.  These videos supplement and extend beyond the material in my book (see below).  As a result, the videos have become a useful standalone resource.  My goal is to create a comprehensive and cohesive online resource on basic-to-intermediate microeconomics.

I embedded links the videos from my YouTube site on this page.  As I record more videos, I will post them to my YouTube account, and subsequently embed links here. 

For my R and Econometrics Tutorials, check out my Econometrics sub-page.

What is in it for you? 

These videos are for you if:
  • You are taking a course in intermediate microeconomics (or an Advanced Placement course, an MBA course, or an advanced undergraduate course).
  • You have taken a course on this material, but need to review some key essentials efficiently for a subsequent course.
  • You love microeconomics, and just like to think about different ways of presenting basic-to-intermediate microeconomics.
  • You teach microeconomics and you want to point your students to a useful set of tutorials.
In any event, I think you will appreciate my videos as a useful and efficient study resource.

What is in it for me? 

These videos are an excellent standalone resource, but mastering microeconomics requires plenty of practice and examples.  That's why I wrote a book to go along with these videos.  The book has abundant practice questions and detailed solutions to selected exercises. 
The book is also available in electronic form (circumventing printing costs), and even in paper form, it costs $30.
  • Feel free to watch my videos without buying my textbook.  I get great satisfaction from the fact that my videos help people understand microeconomics.  That was my primary motivation for posting these videos to YouTube in the first place.
  • If you are on the fence about buying my book, watch a few videos to try my style out.  If you like my videos, you may also like my book (available at my storefront).  In fact, they're complements!
Consider buying my book.  Even if you don't, I hope you get a lot out of my video tutorials.