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I have long had a love of nature, drawing, the patterns found in nature and their mathematical relationships. It was 1975 when I first entered the world of tessellations. Reading an article by Martin Gardner in my son's Scientific American sparked an interest in tessellations which continues to this day. It posed the question, were there any new pentagon types that would tile a plane? I found it an intriguing question. I've always enjoyed  puzzles and thought maybe there were more types yet to be found. I started out by developing my own notation so that I could systematically approach the problem. Eventually I was rewarded in my search with finding four new types of Pentagons. I am still intrigued by the beautiful patterns of tessellations and it is my desire to share with others who are also intrigued by tessellations. In the connecting pages you will find some of my own work and also links to other pages that deal with tessellation. I hope you enjoy them.

Marjorie Rice

 Marjorie  Rice
February 16, 1923 - July 2, 2017

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