Cambridge Pringle has worked in partnership with Cambridge City Council on a sympathetic  re-use of a historic public building.

Cemetery Lodge had been vacant and in need of substantial works, In conjunction with CPG it is now a 5 bedroom supported accommodation for adults with disabilities.

Serious consideration had to be given to the proximity of the graves and the use of chapel and interments. Hearses also pass by the front door. Design, security, support and resident selection were crucial.

CPG funded all the adaptations and internal fittings required. Cambridge City funded the structural works.

Stakeholders involved are listed at the end of this page.

One of the skills we found most important was listening to all views and understanding why a request or element was required and to balance these against practical, cost and sympathetic action.

The negatives associated with living in a graveyard were viewed as positives by development team.
Little / no passing visitors causing disturbance.
Distance from neighbours.
Secure safe parking facilities.
Privacy / safety

Where appropriate we sought materials and practice that was not the cheapest but the most appropriate.
Where original features were impractical for shared use like the 100 yr old internal doors, these had to be replaced by fire doors and originals stored vertically in a heated environment.

Other than initial practical (major boiler leak) and resident compatibility issues, the service is now providing long term suitable accommodation for 5 vulnerable persons in need.

Using original features of the existing building is key to sustaining the heritage.

Here is an example of where the outside became inside and the brick is in stark contrast to the internal white walls.

A key benefit of using Heritage buildings is the element of space.
Rooms are above current new build standards and offer a greater element of flexibility in their usage 

Modern fire alarm systems are a key requirement in supported accommodation. Our contractors are aware and install with sympathy to the existing building and its features, at CL we installed CCTV / Fire panel in recessed Victorian cupboards that had no modern use.

Maintaining key features  in a safe way.

Fireplaces renovated, restored and capped off.

Key Stakeholders Involved, and with thanks to them all.

Learning disability Partnership.
    Contracting new service
    Referral for residents 
    Case managers 
    Occupational Therapists
    Community nurses

    Local Pastor 

Cemetery services 
    Garden Services
    War graves commission
    Bereavement Services

Cambridge City Council
    Councillor with housing portfolio
    Director of housing services
    Area Housing officer + Manager
    City surveyors
    Major Contractors 
    Conservation Officers