Repair Standards

Below is a list of the type of common repairs we experience and the response times you can expect from CPG.

Emergency Repairs – within 24 hours

• No lighting or power and dangerous electrical faults

• No cold water from the mains

• Blocked drains or toilets (but not individual waste pipes)

• Gas leaks

• Dangerous structures

• Temporary cover of missing or badly damaged manhole covers

• Restoring cold water supply to bath or hand basin

• Repair of blocked waste pipes

Priority A – 3 working days

• Restoring heating or hot water.

• Repairs of defective cooker

• Mending minor leaks on waste pipes

• Repairing leaking cone/soil vents and pipes

• Repairing or renewing ball valves (overflows)

• Repairing defective internal extractor fans in kitchens and bathrooms

• Replacing cracked tiles or slates to roof where there are serious leaks

• Restoring flush to toilets

• Repairing loose or detached banister or handrail (unless caused by deliberate damage)

• Replacing dangerous rotten or defective flooring or stair tread

• Repairing a tap which cannot in its current state be turned on

Priority B – 20 working days

• Furniture broken by accident wear.

• Fridges / Freezers and washing machines.

• Re-securing wash basin

• Repairing blocked or damaged rain water gutters and pipes

• Replacing glazing in cases of crime

• Replacing chimney pot or cowl

• Replacing fittings to windows and/or external doors

• Mending faulty taps

• Replacing zinc or lead flashing, ridge/eaves, tiles or cement filets

• Replacing defective fire bricks

• Replacing rotten or defective flooring

• Replacing toilet cistern, waste trap or fitting

• Replacing faulty stop-valve or drain down stopcock

• Replacing external doors, windows and frames

• Repairing or replacing wall tiling/splash backs

Priority C – 80 working days

• Repairing loose or defective flooring (not dangerous)

• General repointing of brickwork/external joints

• Fixing or replacing skirting boards

• General brickwork repairs (walls etc.)

• Repairing timber staircases (not dangerous)

• Repairing or replacing stone, concrete, tiles or wooden sill

• Repairing or replacing fencing/gates

• Plaster repairs to ceiling or walls

• Repairing internal floor screeds

• Repairing external paving

• Any items not mentioned that are the owner's responsibility