Core 2 
Each shared house will be a fully equipped and inspected H.M.O. (House of Multiple Occupation).

Our service.

24/7 On call service for emergencies (non support related issues)

Weekly (for shared houses)
Provide a welfare check on all residents, this is usually face to face. 
Test Fire Alarm system. 
Basic maintenance check of communal areas
Fridge and freezer temp check. 
Gardener - 1 to 2 Hrs week
Cleaner - 1 to 2 Hrs week.

Building / Grounds / Bedroom Maintenance inspection.
Water Temp checks.
Collect Rental Charge.
House meetings (consultations, problems, information etc)

6 Monthly
Fire Alarm test / service
Review Benefits linked to Housing Benefit.

Fire Extinguisher test / service Annual
Gas boiler service (we only allow gas boilers - no gas ovens etc.)
Asbestos Survey (done every two years)
Legionella / Water test survey. 
PAT (portable appliance testing) CPG equipment - personal can be arranged.

3 Yearly 
White goods Upgrade / Replacement
Redecoration of all internals (if not done sooner)

5 Yearly 
Hard Wire check (all plugs sockets wires etc)

10 Yearly 
Boiler replacement
Kitchen Upgrade / Replacement
Bathroom Upgrade / Replacement