Housing Costs

Charges explained 

What is Intensive Housing Management (IHM)?? Isn't that Rent??
No - we don't charge rent as "rent" would mean we make a profit as a charity we aim to only cover our costs and to provide high quality accommodation for our residents.
For example we know our residents will wear out carpets much quicker than would usually be expected so we budget for this and replace them more frequently. In addition we stipulate that all of our residents have a support need.

As of 2nd April 2018 it will be £173.99 per week for shared accommodation*
(This is the same figure as we charged in 2010)

As of 2nd April 2018 it will be £218.62 per week for all flats and houses.

Do I have to pay all of this amount myself?
This will depend on what savings you have and what benefits or salary you have, in most cases Housing Benefit will cover all of the IHM costs.

What is personal charge??
If you live on your own you have to pay all the bills yourself and so you don't pay any personal charge. If you live in a shared house the bills are divided up between all those that live there, to make this as easy as possible we add all the bills together over all our shared property's and take an average. This figure gives us how much to charge. Some years it goes up some years (like this year) it goes down.

As of 2nd April 2018 it will be £8 per week for all shared accommodation.

I want to work and your rents are very high.
Yes our charges are high compared to other private landlords. What we offer is much much more than others and almost all of our residents are unable to work due to ill health and need the extras we provide.
We would help all residents who want to work and are able to find good quality affordable accommodation that meets there needs.

*any leased property we pass on the lease charge also so some property is slightly more expensive.