Our Logo

One of the questions we are often asked is why do you have the hot air balloon as your Logo?
Our previous logo was similar and in part designed alongside the Cambridge Housing Society Logo,
When Cambridge Housing re-branded it felt a good time for us to do so also.
We had some staff and resident workshops looking at the existing logo / fonts / web site name / what CPG is.
The unanimous outcome was that CPG was not one thing but a sum of many parts represented by different colours, it was also seen as being able to achieve great heights with and for the users of the services.
From this the hot air balloon was born. We also shortened the web address from www.cambridgepringlegroup.co.uk to the more simple www.c-p-g.org.
We have continued with the soft blue colours elsewhere as it was felt still the most relevant colour.
We welcome the views of all visitors so please give us your feedback.