Cambridge Pringle Group

Antony Cullup

History and structure of the Cambridge Pringle Group (CPG)

CPG is a registered charity and a limited company established in 1993 in partnership with Cambridge County Council and Cambridge Housing Society.

The name Pringle comes from John Pringle who wrote a letter to the Times Newspaper regarding his Sons Condition.

CPG’s objective is to provide relief and support of sufferers from schizophrenia and other related conditions and their families. The objective was expanded in 2011 to include other adults that have support needs.

Over the next decade the organisation grew, in 2009 Colin Marshall became the Chairman of the Board following on from Dr Ron Ryall who had served for almost 15 years.

History of CPG over last 5 years:

CPG grew and established a well trained committed staff team that provided 3 types of support:

  • Pringle House - supported accommodation with staff on site 7 days week for l2hrs a day. There was activities, and classes most days to stimulate and motivate residents.

  • Home and Community -supported residents who were more able in our properties to engage in the wider community and to assist in there recovery and well being.

  • Complex Case Clients — supporting those in the community (not in our properties) who had greater needs and more complex crossover of diagnosis and behaviour eg - eating disorders, criminal offences, drug and alcohol addictions.

In 2010 Antony Cullup was appointed General Manager.
            Shortly afterwards the Chief Exec Mr Derry Murphy passed away after a short illness.
            Company secretary Rob Powell was appointed as Chief Exec.
This was a difficult time for all with 3 new senior staff in post and a staff team mourning the loss of Derry.

In 2011 we were advised of the County Council intent to reshape the support services provided in Cambridge currently covered by “block contracts”.

In April 2012 the support of service users in Pringle House was awarded to Granta Housing Association (they were taken over by Metropolitan that same day).

6 months later (November 2012) following a second preferred provider tendering process all support in our Home and Community and Complex Cases was passed to the Metropolitan Housing Association.

Prior to this process the staff team numbered approx 25 full time equivalent. After process we have 4.5 full time equivalent staff.


CPG continued to provide support via a subcontractor BeeSpoke however we didn't take on any new clients.

We demolished another property owned by CPG and applied for planning to build 8 new flats


January - March

3 residents committed suicide within a very short time. The loss was terrible to residents and the staff team. The property where all 3 had resided was closed by ourselves.

Investigations and legal preparations were an appropriate focus of the next 12 months, ensuring the family's and Coroner were satisfied as to what had happened.


January - Inquests, verdicts were suicide, CPG staff were commended by the Coroner for going above and beyond what was expected.

The sale of 418


Antony Cullup