Contractors Standards


These are the standards that we expect our contractors to work to

  • To at all times be courteous and understanding of the residents of the properties.

  • To be respectful at all times to residents and staff of The Cambridge Pringle Group CPG.

  • To give dates and times of their visits to allow staff and/or service users to be present when work is to be carried out.

  • To contact CPG if they are unable to to make their appointment or if they are significantly delayed.

  • To contact us, CPG, when work has been completed or if there is any follow up work required ie parts need to be ordered and completion will take place another day.

  • If a significant amount of time is needed to complete the works to leave the property in a safe and usable manner for the duration.

  • To wear identification ie name tags either provided by CPG or by their own company at all times when working in our properties.

  • To provide CPG with details of all identified problems and of all repairs carried out.

  • To provide quotes for any major, non emergency works that need to take place.

  • To ensure that the premises is left in a clean and tidy manner on completion of work.