Pringle (2.0) 2012 - 2017

CPG Aims and Objectives for 5 years. 

Pringle 2.0 - Review and revised objectives.

The reference to 2.0 comes from the loss of significant activates, services, colleagues and revenue in 2012. The organisations board have guided the team into a new incarnation of the original Pringle organisation. Pringle is still true to its roots and heritage, the focus is now more defined to housing and diversifying clients primary diagnosis. The direction is to remain financially robust and reduce risk of enforced change happening again. We are working towards a Pringle 3.0 where we will be double if not three times the size, with property spread in a 30 mile radius of Cambridge. Our intention in 3.0 is to again provide support by contract and our own commercial activates.

Revised Memorandum and Articles 2015

“The objects for which the Association is established are to help and guide primarily users of and those needing to use mental health and learning disability services and secondarily those with related social care needs  to live more independently by providing well managed economic housing with co-ordinated support by qualified people or ensuring the provision of such support by liaison with other organisations in Cambridgeshire and the Anglian region or such other facilities as the Trustees shall decide.”

Review of last 3 Years (2012-2015)

Following on from the re-tendering of CPG services in 2012. We lost 80% of the staff team and our flagship project "Pringle House" CPG was left reeling and we looked hard at the future direction. We retained a core of dedicated team members who now all work 4 days a week. We continued to provide support via personalisation (self directed support) and privately funded clients.

The Trustees have been added to with 3 new and the appointment of Deputy Board Chair.

During 2014 - 3 residents took their own lives over a very short period of time. The learning from the investigation and high praise from the inquests in early 2015 forged the Pringle Group 2.0.

We no longer seek to bid for support / care contracts - the competition is fierce and unrealistic for the size of our organisation. We will however seek ways of generating income from renting property commercially. This will allow us to deliver support to residents in the most need within our own property, this will ensure we maintain quality (on a small scale) and the ability to go the "extra mile" which was praised so highly by Coroner.

During 2014 - 15 we took a very bold leap to redevelop one of our older properties into flats for shared ownership. During the build phase it was announced that there would be an additional Cambridge Train Station, this was to be built quite close to our development and the valuation of equity soared. After some lengthy consideration it was decided to sell the property's on the open market which we did. After all construction costs etc we have made a healthy profit funding the plans as described below.

Plans for 2016
  • We are starting negotiations with a local housing assn to buy and develop an ex-servicemen's house local to Cambridge.
  • (REVISED June 16 - we have to put on hold due to funding incompatibilities - however we are looking at going it alone in this object.)
  • One property in Ely :- for two young men requiring 121 support 24/7 who have personality disorders and complex learning disabilities
  • .(UPDATE - service opened in May 16 - going well)
  • Ely additional 3-5 bed unit in partnership with Edmund's Trust and Learning Disability Commissioners.
  • (UPDATE June 16 Two additional houses purchased work will be starting in July 16 to update property's and add an extension to include a 4th room)
  • Ely - Working with K9 and the Learning Disability Services to review ongoing funding and stability of the Community Cafe.
  • Haverhill purchase of large house to provide accommodation and a community facility. The aim is to use this to provide low cost hire for Mental Health peer support services.(REVISED March 16 - property is no longer suitable and we will now convert into a 6 bed HMO for "ready for work" residents)
  • Haverhill Purchase a 3 bed house and use this for move on for residents who have gained employment.
  • (UPDATE - property purchased and currently has a family in need living there on a temporary basis.)
  • Haverhill - Possible 5th property for learning disability clients.
  • (REVISED June 16 - we have to put on hold due to tenure incompatibilities)
  • We anticipate the recruitment of 3 full / part time staff over the year.
    • Full time handy-person with vehicle.(UPDATE - March 16 - Simon has been recruited and vehicle purchased.)
    • Additional Housing officer for Cambridge - Ely area.
    • Support worker - funded from commercial revenue.
    • REVISED June 16 - Volunteers to be actively recruited in various roles.
  • CPG is still keen to develop a shared ownership scheme and we are in discussion with one family and ex resident who wish to consider this with us.
  • (UPDATE -Unable to proceed due to funds and time restrictions)
  • We have three large garages which we have / are looking at converting to specialist self contained accommodation.
  • (UPDATE - Planning application has been submitted for one of the garages in Milton, Cambridge
HIPOW -Haverhill Information Providers of Well-being
Jo Street on is gathering joint and partner agencies to make a strategic map and method of accessing the valuable work done by voluntary and statutory agencies in Haverhill

Many thanks go to all the residents, family's, colleagues (old and new)  for making Pringle what it is and what is shall grow into being.

Antony Cullup
General Manager