Cambridge Pringle Group (CPG)

CPG has evolved and grown as need has arisen. Mental Ill Health, Housing and Support are still the core activity of the group. 
Still small  (55 units) we remain flexible and responsive to individual needs and requests of our residents and partners.

Intensive Housing Management provider.

We work with agencies that provide support in Cambridge, Ely and Haverhill.
C.P.G - considers all single adults with a support requirement.
Residents have Learning Disabilities, Mental Illness / health needs, or social care need.

Property Management Services 
We manage for ourselves and for other investors the day to day running of property, general maintenance, cleaning, gardening etc. This is done by a commercial subsidiary of CPG - please see Pringle Housing Management Services (PHMS) above.
Heritage Developments 
We have developed a skill with taking Heritage interest buildings and making them commercially viable again, with a twist. All property's are converted for use as accommodation for vulnerable adults who need support to live as independently as possible.
Property Development
Part of what we do to generate income and allow us to increase housing stock.

Antony Cullup
 Joint Chief Executive

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