Academic Calendar

English Language Program Offerings 2015-2017

Academic EnglishJan 12-Apr 24SBMay 11-Jul 31Aug31-Dec 11FB
General EnglishJan 5-Jan 30Feb 2-Feb 27Mar 2-Mar 27March 30-Apr 24May 11-Jun 5Jun 8-Jul 3Jul 6-Jul 31Aug 24-Sep 18Sep 21-Oct 16Oct 19-Nov 13Nov 16–Dec 11
EAP (Pathways)Jan. 2 -May 1 (EAP classes begin Jan 5)SB EAP classes May 11-July 31Aug 19-Dec 11 (EAP classes begin Aug 24)
Summer YouthJun 21 - Jul 4Jul 5 - Jul 18Jul 18-Aug 1
Academic EnglishJan 19-Apr 29SBMay 16-Aug 5Aug29-Dec 9FB
General EnglishJan 11-Feb 5Feb 8-Mar4Mar 7-Apr 1Apr 4-Apr 29May 16-Jun 10Jun 13-Jul 8Jul 11-Aug 5Aug 22-Sep 16Sep 19-Oct 14Oct 17-Nov 11Nov 14–Dec 9
EAP (Pathways)Jan 8-May 6 (EAP classes begin Jan 11)SB EAP classes May 16-Aug. 5Aug 19-Dec 9 (EAP classes begin Aug 22)
Summer YouthJun 5-Jun 18Jun 19-Jul 2Jul 3-Jul 16Jul 17-Jul 30
Academic EnglishJan 16 - Apr 28SBMay 15 - Aug 4Sep 4 - Dec 15FB
General EnglishJan 9-Feb 3Feb 6 - Mar 3Mar 6 - Mar 31Apr 3 - Apr 28May 15 - Jun 9jun 12 - Jul 7Jul 10 - Aug 4Aug 28 - Sep 22Sep 25 - Oct 20Oct 23 - Nov 17Nov 20 - Dec 15
EAP (Pathways)Jan 6-May 5 (EAP classes begin Jan 9)SBEAP classes May 15-Aug 4
Summer YouthTBATBA

* General English Program students will have Thursday and Friday off during Fall Break (FB) and Spring Break (SB) weeks.

USF Class Schedule and Religious/Cultural Holidays

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