About Us

The world tries to tell us how to act, speak, and think. By bringing our faith with us into the world, we can walk with our
Saviour, while also witnessing to others.


Into the World, by Amy E. Chandler is a different kind of devotional book, dedicated to informing as well as inspiring. These sixty-two devotions provide two months of daily, ten-minute reflections on God’s Word, each one equipped with a short prayer. By consulting the Bible for answers to questions asked by science, contemporary culture, and the people we talk to everyday, we can see that God really does provide us with the answers we need, both for this life and for the next.


  •  Into the World: 62 Devotions to Edify & Inspire can help you to apply God's Word directly to issues and situations in your life.
  • Into the World can help boost your understanding of the Bible's stance on controversial topics.
  • Into the World can help to strengthen your relationship with God through His teachings on living your life in the best way possible.



*People have been asking about the symbolism of the book cover. The background is papyrus, representing writing, and the two strips are stained glass, representing the church. Since the papyrus is from Cairo, Egypt, and the glass from Chartres, France, the elements also represent the spans of distance and time that God has blessed with His grace.