International  Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction Society  
ILLRS (The Confederation of ASAMI Int. and WCEF)

Article 1: Name
The name of the association shall be “International Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction Society, open brackets, The Confederation of the Association for the Study and Application of the Method of Ilizarov and World Congress of External Fixation, close brackets”, in short ILLRS (The Confederation of ASAMI Int. and WCEF), hereinafter referred to as the “ILLRS”.

Article 2: Location
The location of the Society shall be decided by the Delegates Assembly.  

Article 3: Mission Statment
ILLRS is a non-profit organization whose mission is to advance the study and application of limb lengthening and reconstruction throughout the world including all its clinical, basic science, research, education and training aspects. The ILLRS will create a forum for friendship and exchange amongst limb lengthening and reconstructive professionals and associations around the world. 

Article 4: Objectives
The objectives of ILLRS as related to musculoskeletal reconstruction by distraction istogenesis, external and internal fixation, and other therapeutics are : 
4.1 _ - Recognize and promote the great impact and contributions of Ilizarov method and external fixation. 
4.2 - Organize an International Congress to be held every two years. 
4.3 - Encourage and promote high standards throughout the world.
4.4 - Encourage and promote the the formation of national associations, societies and study groups.
4.5 - Promote research and clinical studies and disseminate scientific information.
4.6 - Promote international clinical and research fellowship and sabbatical opportunities.
4.7 - Act as a forum for problem discussions and solutions.
4.8 - Facilitate international cooperation in the event of national or manmade disasters.
4.9 - Act as a resource and liason for National and International Orthopedic and other subspecialty societies, departments, residency programs, and other educational institutions.
4.10 –Engage in other activities as are appropriate to its mission.

Article 5: Membership 
5.1 – Types of Membership 
Membership may be by individuals and by societies. There are 4 types of membership each with its own associated fee. 
5.1.1 – Individual Full Membership: Medical doctors and podiatrists pay individual membership fees.
5.1.2- Individual Research Professional Membership: research professional pay 50% of the individual physician membership fees.
5.1.3- Individual Allied Health Professional Membership: allied health professionals pay 50% of the individual physician membership fees. 
5.1.4- Society Affiliate Membership: international, national or regional societies will pay a society membership fee. 
5.2- Application for Membership 
5.2.1 - Application for membership must be completed and received by the Secretary General at least six months prior to the next international meeting. 
5.2.2 - To be approved an individual physician, research or allied heath membership the applicant must submit a curriculum vitae and a personal history about clinical or scientific activity in the field of MS reconstruction using distraction histogenesis, external and/or internal fixation and/or other therapeutics. 
5.2.3 – To be approved for Society Affiliate Membership, each society must submit a description of its organization, total number of members with respective names,  and scientific program for the last two years with number of attendees. 
5.3- Loss of membership 
5.3.1 – For all Membership types: Failure to pay dues for a period of more than two years. 
5.3.2 - For Physician, Research and Allied Health Memberships: Failure to attend the International meeting three consecutive times. 
5.3.2 - . For Society Membership: Failure to send a representative to the international meeting for two consecutive meetings. 
5.4- Benefits of membership 
5.4.1- Individual Full Members will have the right to attend the General Assembly and have the right to one vote.
5.4.2 - All Individual members will receive a certificate of  membership in the ILLRS, will be permitted to link their own websites to the ILLRS website and have online access to the Members only section, will receive a credit of 50% of their annual membership fees at the biannual International Conference and can attend the business meeting.
5.4.3 - Societies that are Affiliate Members will have voting rights at the General Assembly. The details of this will be elaborated in Article 7.3. 
5.4.4- Societies that are Affiliate Members may link their web site to the ILLRS website and may benefit from all educational and research support of the ILLRS and its member societies and individuals. 
5.4.3-Societies that are Affiliate Members may promote their own educational programs, national meetings, multicenter research projects, etc by having access to the entire online membership list of other full and affiliated member societies and individual members. 

Article 6: Finances
6.1 Banking
6.1.1 The ILLRS will establish a bank account.
6.1.2 All banking will be done by the Treasurer of the ILLRS and by the President of the International meeting. 
6.2 Membership Fees
6.2.1- Fees for membership are assessed according to each category in Article 5. 
6.2.2 – Fee amount for each membership category will be decided by the Executive Committee and approved by the Delegates Assembly every two years.
6.2.3 - The membership fees are to be paid once for each interval between International meetings by direct deposit bank transfer online or directly at the Secretariat of the International Congress.  
6.3 Other Revenues
6.3.1 - Revenues from the international meeting. The Organizing Committee of each Scientific Congress pays the ILLRS 50% of the net profit of the meeting.
6.3.2 - Royalties or sales from other educational efforts of the ILLRS (e.g. books, journals, multimedia)
6.3.3 - Donations, grants and sponsorship by companies, foundations, agencies or individuals.
6.4  Fiscal year
6.4.1 - Fiscal year of ILLRS shall be from January 1 to December 31 inclusive. 
6.4.2 -A statement of the accounts of the Confederation and a budget for the forthcoming year shall be prepared by the Treasurer of the society at the end of each fiscal year and shall be submitted for approval to the Executive Committee, to be presented at the next Delegate Assembly.
6.5  Funds
6.5.1 - ILLRS shall use its funds only to accomplish the purposes specified elsewhere in these By-Laws. 6.5.2 - No part of these funds shall be used to the personal benefit of any individual member or nonmember of ILLRS.
6.6 – Financing of the International Congress:
6.6.1 - Financing of the Congress shall be the responsibility of the host country. 
6.6.2 - A start up loan from ILLRS funds if available may be made by the Executive Committee. 
6.6.3 – The start up loan will be repaid in full when all accounts for the Congress have been settled.
6.6.4 – Net Revenue from the meeting will be defined as total revenues from the meeting (including all registration fees, pre and post course fees, merchandise sales, non-for-profit grant funding, industry funding, and other miscellaneous funding).
6.6.5 - Net Expenses spent by the organizing committee and its president for the meeting includes all appropriate expenses to conduct a meeting at the highest professional standard without personal gain by the organizing committee. The start up loan from ILLRS shall be considered part of net expenses. 
6.6.6 - Net profit will be defined as Net revenue minus net expenses. 
6.6.7  - In the event that Net Profit is positive (in the black), 50% shall be remitted to the ILLRS. In the event that Net Profit is negative (in the red) the ILLRS will consider forgiving half of any start up loan that was provided. The rest of the loss is the fiscal responsibility of the local organizing committee. 
6.6.8 - Properly audited accounts must be submitted by the host country to the Treasurer as soon after the Congress as is practical and approved by the Executive Committee.

Article 7: Organization
The administration and governance of the ILLRS shall consist of: Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Consultative Committee and Delegates Assembly.
7.0 – Board of Directors
7.0.1 - The Board of Directors shall consist of The President, The President-elect and The Immediate Past-President.
7.1 – Executive Committee
7.1.1 –The Officers of the Executive will be The President, The Past-President, The President-elect, The Treasurer (elected by the Executive Committee), The Secretary General (appointed by the Executive Committee upon the recommendation of the President) and The President of the Congress.
7.1.2 – The Delegate Assembly will elect the President, Past-President, Elected-President, and President of the Congress. A majority vote of approval is required for each officer.
7.1.3 -The term of office for the President, Past-President, President-elect, and President of the
Congress will be two (2) years. The term of office for the Secretary-General, will be two (2) years. The President can not be re-elected and the Executive Committee can not have more than one President from the same country.
7.1.4 - Nominations for, and the election of the President-elect will take place 2 years prior to the end of the current President’s terms. At the end of this term, the President-elect will assume the position of President.
7.1.5 - The term of the Past-President will commence with the election of the new President and terminate with the election of the President-elect.
7.1.6 - Nominations for, and the election of the President-elect of the Congress will take place 2 years prior to the end of the current President of the Congress terms. At the end of this term, the President-elect of the Congress will assume the position of President of the Congress.
7.1.7 – The term of the President of the Congress will commence two years after the appointment of the host country for the congress and end with the venue of the congress 4 years after the appointment.
7.1.8 – Only the President, past-President and President –elect are allowed to vote in the Executive
7.1.9 - In electing a President, the Delegates Assembly must choose an individual who is either a current or previous full member delegate or member of the Executive Committee.
7.1.10 - Nominations for candidates for President must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the Delegates Assembly, when candidate election will take place. Generally elections will occur every two (2) years during the Delegates Assembly meeting held at the International Congress.
7.1.11 - Nominations brought forward require support by the member organization of the nominee. Each nomination must be accompanied by background demographics and personal information on the candidate. Terms of office of newly elected officer positions will commence at the conclusion of the Delegates Assembly meeting where elections take place.
7.1.12 – The Secretary General can be re-elected any number of times.
7.2 – Consultative Committee
7.2.1 – The Consultative Committee is composed by the Ex-Presidents of ILLRS, including the ones of the ASAMI International and WCEF before 2008 and is chaired by the oldest member.
7.3 – Delegates Assembly
7.3.1 – The Delegates Assembly is composed of all of the members of the Society
7.4 – Functions
7.4.0 - The duties of the Board of Directors are: - To assist the President in conducting the affairs of ILLRS - To establish a global network of cooperation, education and patient care - To supervise the activities of the committees.
7.4.1 – The general functions of the Executive Committee, assisted by a secretariat, are: - Supervise the affairs of ILLRS between the General Assembly meetings - Represent ILLRS and its General Assembly. - Appoint committees as are required to conduct the business of ILLRS, after the
recommendation of the Consultative Committee. - To receive, process and analyze applications for new memberships, after the recommendation
of the Consultative Committee. – To analyse and credential the representative delegates and the number of votes of each
National and Regional membership, after the recommendation of the Consultative Committee. – To decide the fees to be due by each National, Regional, Correspondent and Provisional
membership, after the recommendation of the Consultative Committee. - To prepare documents and other materials required for the Delegates Assembly - To monitor the financial accounts of the ILLRS - To maintain the membership records. - To suspend the membership rights and to propose to the Delegates General Assembly the lossof membership of members, after the recommendation of the Consultative Committee. - To keep records of all meetings of the ILLRS. - To conduct surveys and electronic (email) votes of delegates when necessary. - To assist in planning and operation of each International Congress, keeping the delegates
informed of the organizational progress for each Congress. - To regularly distribute in a timely fashion appropriate informational items to all active delegate. - To appoint, supervise, and direct office personnel hired to conduct ILLRS, Delegates Assembly and Executive business. - To call for nominations for Fellowships and Awards, after the recommendation of the
Consultative Committee. - To call for nominations to host the International Congress, after the recommendation of the
Consultative Committee. - To review and approve the general structure and operation of each International Congress,
after the recommendation of the Consultative Committee. – To select and maintain a permanent secretariat. – To carry out the activities of the ILLRS as per these bylaws and revise the bylaws as required.
7.4.2 – Duties of the President are: - Conduct the meetings of the organization, including: Board of Directors, Executive Committee and General Assembly. - To supervise and direct the operations of the Executive. - To prepare agendas for Delegates Assembly meetings. - To call and chair meetings of the Delegates Assembly. - To speak on behalf and represent or appoint a representative for the ILLRS. - To call and supervise elections. – To vote on the Board of Directors and Executive Committee and Delegates Assembly decisions.
7.4.3 – Duties of the Past-President are: - To undertake the duties of the President if the President is temporarily unable to carry out those duties due to illness or inability to attend a meeting. - To assist and advise the President in his/her functions - To complete projects initiated during Presidential term - To vote on the Board of Directors and Executive Committee and Delegates Assembly decisions.
7.4.4 - Duties of the President-elect are: - To learn the duties of the President - To familiarize him/herself with all current and past activities of the Executive - To vote on the Board of Directors and Executive Committee and Delegates Assembly decisions.
7.4.5 - Duties of the Secretary General are: - To supervise the administrative personnel of the Executive and to maintain appropriate written
records for the ILLRS. - . In conjunction with the president be responsible for recording, reviewing and distributing the
Minutes of all Executive and Delegates Assembly meetings. - In conjunction with the President prepare agendas for meetings. - To ensure all necessary documents are sent to Board members in a timely fashion - To keep an up to date copy of the Bylaws
7.4.6 - Duties of the Treasurer are: - To manage the finances of the ILLRS and keep accurate financial records and accounts of income and expenditure. – To send bills to be received and to collect them by all means at his disposal with the support of the secretariat. – To provide a written financial report of the past year and a budget for the next year at each
Delegate Assembly meeting, with the help of an accountant.
7.4.7 - Duties of the President of the Congress are: – To keep the Executive of the structural and operational plans for the next International Congress. - To present and discuss proposals on the Delegates Assembly as an observer without right to Vote.
7.4.8 – Duties of the Consultative Committee are: - To advise and make recommendations to the Board of Directors and Executive Committee about: – Future candidates for membership. - Proposals for publications and communications. - Candidates for constitutional officers. – Future scientific and humanitarian activities. - Financial activities, use of funds, investments and dealings. - Reviews of Bylaws. - Place and organization of future congresses - All critical proposes to be discussed by the Board and Executive. - To Document the history of external fixation, Ilizarov technique and its evolution, as well as the institutions that promoted and disseminated throughout the ages. - To vote on the Delegates Assembly decisions.
7.4.9 – Duties of the Delegates Assembly are: - Receive and vote reports from the President on behalf of the Executive Committee and its
subcommittees after the recommendation of the Consultative Committee, including: .1 - Overview of the current affairs and Finances of ILLRS proposals for future congress sites and proposals for elections. - To elect the officers of the ILLRS Executive Committee. - To ratify or reject proposals brought forward by either the Executive or by committees. The
Delegates Assembly will have the decision-making power for all major issues related to the ILLRS. - To refer action items to either the Executive or to a committee of the ILLRS to review. - To provide a forum for discussion and a mechanism for collaboration on issues relating to
international problems related to bone reconstruction - To consider and vote on all applications for ILLRS, including Fellowship, Awards, and the hosts of future International Congresses. - To appoint by majority of votes, delegates or other persons to specific ILLRS Committees

Article 8: International Congress
8.1 - The Scientific Congress shall be held every two (2) years. 
8.2 - The Scientific Congress shall be hosted in collaboration with an accredited National or Regional Society. 
8.3 - The site for the biennial Scientific Congress shall be selected by the General Assembly by proposal of the Executive Committee, after the recommendation of the Consultative Committee. 
8.4 - Selection of the host city shall be determined by a simple majority of  votes of the Delegates Assembly. 
8.5 - Bids to host a Scientific Congress shall be submitted to the President at least six (6) months prior to the Scientific Congress at which the selection will be made. 
8.6 - All informational materials submitted in a bid shall be sent to the President, who shall distribute said materials to the Executive Committee. Failure to observe this requirement shall disqualify the 
8.7 - Bids shall include tentative plans for site, hotel space, scientific programming, social activities, travel arrangements, budget and organizing committee framework. 
8.8 – The President of the Congress is responsible for arranging the conference venue and is responsible for all finances related to reserving the venue. The president should work collaboratively with the National Society 
8.8 - The President of the Congress takes full responsibility for administration, execution and finances of Scientific Congress according to its agreement with the ILLRS Board of Directors. The National society is invited to participate in this responsibility. 
8.9 - Specific allotment of funds from the ILLRS to the International Congress host member as “start-up” funding will be decided by the Executive Committee, after the recommendation of the Consultative 
Committee depending on funds available. 
8.10 - The host Organizing Committee of the International Congress shall assume responsibility for the scientific programming. The ILLRS Board of Directors cooperates with the Organizing Committee concerning venue, social program, budget and Organizing Committee framework. 
8.11 - The host Organizing Committee shall extend an invitation to each individual member and all accredited National and Regional Societies to participate in the scientific program. 
8.12 - Preliminary registration materials shall be provided to each member of the Society at least one (1) year prior to the planned congress. 
8.13 - Registration and scientific abstract materials shall be presented to the President for approval prior to distribution. 
8.14 - All presentations at the Congress must be in English, although simultaneous translation into other languages may be considered. 
8.15 - Each Congress should be three (3) days in duration, but additional “satellite” meetings or courses may also be scheduled as pre and post courses. 
8.16 - The focus of the educational material presented should be directed at external fixation or limb reconstruction with distraction histogenesis techniques. 
8.17 - The Congress should include social events to enhance interactions, including an opening reception and a banquet, where awards and prizes may be presented. 
8.18 – All Medical doctors and podiatrists, are eligible to register at the full fee, and, upon payment of a registration fee, become an accredited attendee of the Scientific Congress. 
8.19 - All individual Society members are eligible to register at a lower registration fee and become an accredited attendee of the Scientific Congress. 
8.20 - Residents-in-training and fellows may also attend upon payment of a lower registration fee. Presentation of a letter from his/her Training Program Director indicating their accredited status in an 
approved training program is necessary. 
8. 21 All, research scientists, veterinarians and allied health professionals (e.g. nurses, physician assistants, physical and occupational therapists, etc) may also attend upon registration at a 
special registration fee. 
8.22 - Family members may attend and participate in the scientific and social events upon payment of appropriate registration fees. 
8.23 - Guests invited by the host organizing committee are exempt of registration fee payment. 
8.24 - The official Transactions of each Scientific Congress, consisting of the abstracts of the presentations at the Scientific Congress, shall be published by the Organizing Committee in a medium 
chosen by the Board of Directors. 
8.25 -  The Transactions should follow a consistent format established by the Communications Committee of ILLRS. 
8.26 -  The official language of the Transactions shall be English. 
8.27 - The President shall submit the Transactions to the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery or other scientific journal for inclusion in their International Abstracts Supplement. 
8.28 - Official Sections of ILLRS may conduct regional scientific congresses with the endorsement of the ILLRS Executive Committee. 
8.29 -  National or Regional Societies can organize regional Scientific Congresses held under the auspices of and identified as a part of ILLRS.

Article 9: Subcommittees
9.1 - The Executive Committee shall appoint sub-committees as are required to conduct the affairs of ILLRS.
9.2 - The subcommittees shall serve until the next meeting of the Executive Committee.
9.3 - Subcommittee membership shall be limited to active members 
9.4 - Subcommittee members may be selected for their professional expertise in the designated area of service.
9.5 -The Executive Committee upon the recommendation of the Consultative Committee shall appoint the chairs.
9.6 - Each subcommittee shall report its activities to the President annually and ninety (90) days prior to each meeting of the Executive Committee, after the review of the Consultative Committee.
9.7 - Standing subcommittees of ILLRS shall be:
9.7.1 - The By-Laws Sub-Committee shall consist of the Secretary-General, who shall serve as Chair and two (2) members selected from the Executive Committee and shall: - Be charged to review the By-Laws every two (2) years and recommend appropriate revision to the Executive Committee. - Receive and review all proposed changes to the By-Laws and report their recommendations to the Executive Committee. All such changes shall be forwarded to the General Assembly with appropriate recommendations for action.
9.7.2 - The Communications Sub-Committee shall consist of at least three (3) members
appointed by the Executive Committee and shall:  Be chaired by the Editor of the ILLRS. – Work towards establishing an ILLRS web page. - Receive all pertinent national and regional news submitted for publication in a ILLRS Newsletter - Work towards establishing an International Journal of Limb Lengthening and Reconstructive Surgery. -  Recommend members for the Editorial Board of said ILLRS web page, Newsletter and International Journal of External Fixation and Bone Reconstruction
9.7.3 - The Research and Humanitarian Sub-Committee shall consist of at least three (3) members appointed by the Executive Committee and shall:
9.7.3 .1 - Prepare an evaluation of ILLRS humanitarian and research projects and their efficacy for the Board of Directors. - Work towards establishing programs of research and humanitarian care for patients in need worldwide, in the fields of External Fixation, Limb Lengthening and Reconstructive Surgery by distraction histogenesis.

Article 10: Amendments
10.1 – The by-Laws will be voted in the generality at the Constitutive General Assembly.
10.2 – The vote on the By-Laws, article by article, will be done by electronic (email) votes of delegates.
10.3 - Proposed amendments to the bylaws of the ILLRS must be submitted to the Executive by delegates at least 90 days in advance of the meeting at which a vote on these proposed amendments would occur.
10.4 - Suggested changes to the By-Laws may be submitted to the President at least twelve (12) months prior to the succeeding biennial Executive Committee meeting.
10.5 - All suggestions for change(s) in the By-Laws shall be referred to the By-Laws Committee for review, evaluation, and recommendations.
10.6 - The By-Laws Committee shall review the proposed changes and decide for or against after the recommendation of the Consultative Committee, before sending its opinion to the Executive Committee.
10.7 - The proposed changes to the By-Laws may only be adopted by the General Assembly at a regularly scheduled meeting.
10.8 - A change or approval of amendments to the bylaws requires a two-thirds vote by the Delegates Assembly for implementation.

Article 11: Dissolution
11.1 - In the event of dissolution of the ILLRS, the Executive Committee, acting upon the authority of the General Assembly, shall, after satisfying all liabilities of ILLRS, distribute all remaining assets to such organization(s) operating for one or more of the purposes contained in these By- Laws, or to such charitable, educational, and/or scientific organizations as shall qualify.

Approved at 30.12.2012