May 2010

April 19, 2010



Dear International Club Members,


Our speaker last month gave us a whole new perspective on diplomacy in the Middle East.  This month we will still be in the same part of the world with Dr. Richard RRuth, an Assistant Professor in the History Department at the Naval Academy.  Our meeting will be on May 5, 2010.

Fill in the enclosed reservation slip and send a check for the appropriate amount, made out to International Club of Annapolis and mail it to us at the address above.  Notifications of future meetings are sent before each event.  If you have any questions regarding membership, call Irv Silber at 410-266-5804 or e-mail him at .  We are accepting new members. 

Roger Carlquist reports that the following members have been nominated for the International Club of Annapolis Board to fill the term from 2010-2012:

President - Fran Zarkowsky               Vice President Arrangements - Wally and Carol Treiber           Corresponding SSecretary - Anna Marie Musterman                      Reservations - Gisela Pegram and Rachel Madden                           Recording Secretary - India Bell Davin

 If you have any other names of persons desiring to run for any of these positions, please call Roger Carlquist at 410-224-0680.  His e-mail is

I hope to see all of you at the Doubletree Hotel, 210 Holiday Court, Annapolis on April 7, 2010.  The meeting will start with a cocktail hour at six, dinner at seven, and our speaker begins at eight. The meeting will be over by nine or 9:15 PM.  The cost for dinner this year remains at $28.00 per person.  All reservations are made on a first received, best seating basis.  Please bring a guest or former member.

Any group of members can reserve a table for ten by requesting a table and sending a check or checks that meet the cost of the dinners ($280 for 10).  Smaller numbers may be seated together by sending in the names with checks for all of the people with whom you wish to be seated in a single envelope. The official deadline for receipt of reservations is noon on the last Saturday before our Wednesday meeting.  We must inform the hotel of the number of reservations for the dinner and that becomes the base number for which the club is obligated to pay.  If your request to be seated or to withdraw arrives after the deadline, the reservations chair will attempt to accommodate you.  Refunds can only be made after noon Monday   if a request to be seated can be matched to it. If there are more cancellations than new reservations, the credit is given to those who cancel first.


 Reservation queries can be made to Gisela Pegram, 410-266-7606 or Rachel Madden, 410-263-2872. 



With warm regards,

Bill Bill Ritchie

President, 410-266-7306








Please make your check payable to International Club of Annapolis and mail to International Club of Annapolis, Inc, P.O. Box 4298, Annapolis MD 21403-6298

Please send separate checks for membership and dinner reservations.

DINNER RESERVATION: Wednesday, May 5, 2010.


Enclosed find my check for_____dinners at $28 per person. 

Amount enclosed $_________

Reservations must be received by Saturday, May 1, 2010.

Your check is your reservation.

Names of Members: _____________________________________________________



Telephone: ___________________Email:______________________

Name of Guest(s): ______________________________________________________

Would you like to sit at the head table for this meeting: _______?

 If yes, you will be contacted.

International Club 0f Annapolis, Inc.

P.O. Box 4298,

Annapolis, Maryland 21403-6298