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P.K.Vedanthan M.D. is a native of Mysore, India and is a graduate of Mysore Medical College. He and his wife Kamala with their children have settled in the US since 1971. He is a board-certified specialist in Allergy and Asthma and has been in consultation practice in Fort Collins, Colorado since 1976. He along with a few of his colleagues established the International Asthma Services (IAS) in 1987, and has been active both locally and globally serving the needy patients. Presently he along with his wife spends almost 6 months every year conducting the activities of the IAS in different countries.

















Need for International Asthma Services:

Bronchial asthma is a worldwide problem affecting millions of individuals, both adults and children. It is the most common cause of chronic childhood disease and causes a very high degree of morbidity, loss of man-hours and school hours, and loss of millions of dollars as a whole.

Several thousands of people die due to asthma each year, and the morbidity due to asthma worldwide has been steadily increasing for the past decade. There are several reasons for this rise in mortality. One of the major causes is the lack of education among the patients, as well as among the general physicians about the disease process and medications. Most of the deaths reported are due to under-treatment rather than over-treatment. Several of these hospitalizations are preventable by earlier intervention and proper education of the patients, their families, and their physicians.

With these ideas in mind, the concept of the International Asthma Services was initiated by our group of physicians in the late 1980's.

Aims of International Asthma Services:

  • To serve the needy asthmatics in different parts of the world.
  • To educate patients and their families regarding asthma and related medical conditions.
  • To facilitate transfer of equipment and educational materials.
  • To conduct free asthma camps and distribute essential medications.
  • To facilitate educational opportunities for interested and qualified medical personnel.
  • To transfer educational materials and technology to medical personnel and hospitals.
  • To improve the care of asthma patients worldwide


No Smoking Clinic:

Educational materials (audio, video, and pamphlets) will be available to educate the public regarding smoking cigarettes and their deleterious affect on health, as well as socio-economical factors. Group discussions regarding "Quit Smoking" programs, as well as modalities are available. Nicotine patches and gums will be available for distribution and usage. Motivational materials will be made available on a rental basis to participants. Clinics need to be conducted by paramedical personnel supervised by a chest physician on a regular basis.

Allergy Clinics:

Facilities for appropriate allergy skin testing for diagnosis and treatment by immunotherapy (allergy injections) may be developed in the future depending upon the needs and resources.

Asthma Camps:

  • Usually conducted as Day Camps at local hospitals or clinics with the help of the local Rotarians, physicians and volunteers. Dates, days and times are selected for the camps. Generally camps are held on weekends, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.
  • Training session for volunteer physicians and medical personnel are conducted from 8:00 am to 9:00 am on the morning of the camp. It is also desirable to conduct a group educational session for the patients and their families in the morning. Generally this is to be held in a hospital auditorium with facilities for slide projection, etc.
  • Space needed: A hall to facilitate holding clinics on an outpatient basis with tables, chairs, exam tables and other essential basic equipments. Generally 8 to 10 physicians will be examining and interviewing patients simultaneously.
  • Limit the number of patients to be evaluated per day to 100. All medical records will be given to the local sponsoring Rotary Club(s).
  • Free medical samples need to be obtained from local pharmaceutical companies, physicians, as well as donated by the IAS.
  • The cases are screened by the volunteer physicians, using standardized history and physical forms. Selected cases are discussed and treatment programs are instituted after consulting with the visiting specialist.
  • Follow-up visits are arranged with the local physicians, as well as with the Respiratory Center once it is set up in that location.
  • Personnel needed: 10 Volunteer Physicians; 10 Nursing Personnel; 10 Rotary Volunteers; Educational facilities; and Pharmaceutical representatives or volunteers.
  • Appropriate publicity regarding these camps need to be done by the local Rotary Club(s).


Respiratory Care Center Set-Up:

The Pulmonary Function Laboratory is established at a general hospital which is easily accessible to the local population. The laboratory is under the direction of a qualified physician who will help interpret the results of the completed tests, as well as educate the technical personnel and other physicians/medical students.

Equipment made available include:

  • Spirometer: A portable equipment used to measure the capacity of the lungs - a functional measure which is very helpful in objectively evaluating the patient's condition. The measuring can be performed by a trained person. Results are easily interpreted.
  • Oximeter: A fairly sophisticated instrument which is very easy to administer. Used externally, this equipment measures the oxygen concentration in a patient's circulation (PaO2). It can also be measured during an exercise test, as well as in the Intensive Respiratory Care unit.
  • Nebulization Set-Up: The Nebulization unit is to facilitate effective administration of different inhalant medications to patients in acute respiratory distress, as well as under stable conditions.
  • Oxygen Concentrator: It will facilitate the conversion of atmospheric oxygen in the room air to a concentrated oxygen supply for selected patients.
  • Ventilator Set-Up: This is a sophisticated equipment used for artificial ventilation of incubated patients in the intensive care units. Trained personnel need to operate this set-up.


Your Help is Needed:

To achieve these goals, we need to have a planned allotted facility where we have an excellent infrastructure, premier medical institutions and medical colleges to develop the goals stated.

We are planning to expand these services world-wide in the next five years. It seems quite logical to believe that this will be possible, especially with the help of Rotary International, pharmaceutical companies and tax-deductible contributions.

All your contributions may be tax-deductible.  Tax ID# 84-1270362.
(501C-3 Organization)
For information regarding donations, please contact:



  • We have conducted several free asthma camps with the help of Rotary International and local Rotary Clubs in different parts of the world, especially in India.  Nearly 31,000 patients have been evaluated at such camps. Educational materials, as well as some equipment and free medications have been distributed.
  • We assist the local physicians in educating patients about asthma, and also conduct continuing medical education for the physicians.
  • We have started a no-smoking clinic, as well as educational seminars for various communities. Our doctors also appear on the radio and television for mass education.
  • We are involved in clinical research in asthma, allergies, and related disorders. Several papers have been presented at International speciality meetings and articles have been published in peer reviewed journals.
  • We have developed respiratory care centers in Karnataka, India; Mombasa and Nairobi, Kenya; Manila, Philippines; and Port Louis, Mauritius, where we have fully functional Pulmonary Lung Function Lab facilities for both in and out-patient evaluations and treatment.
  • We also operate free clinics for both children and adults who cannot afford medical care in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.
  • IAS has partnered with Christian Medical College(CMC), Vellore,INDIA a premier medical institution, to start DIPLOMA IN ALLERGY & ASTHMA (DAA), a year long comprehensive course for the FIRST TIME in the Indian subcontinent. the first batch of 18 physicians wil be graduating in July 2007.

Areas Served:

  • INDIA: Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Telugu Desam
  • Kenya: Nairobi, Kisumu, Malindi, Mombasa.
  • Philippines: Makati-Alaya, Pasay Silangan.
  • Mauritius: Port Louis
  • Seychelles: Mahe
  • Fiji:Island of Taveuni 

Involvement Statistics:

  • Number of Patients Seen at No Charge .......31,000
  • Number of Camps Held....................................146
  • Number of Physician Volunteers........................535
  • Number of Nurse Volunteers.............................650
  • Number of Rotary Volunteers............................530


 DR.Harold Nelson, NJC*.Denver Colorado USA

Dr.Steve Dreskin ,UCHSC**,Denver Colorado USA

Dr Henry Claman, UCHSC**,Denver, Colorado USA

Dr Rohit Katial, NJC*,Denver Colorado USA

Dr Chuck Fitzpatrick, UCHSC**,Denver ,Colorado USA

Dr Robert Mason,NJC*,Denver Colorado USA

                                                       ADVISORY COMMITTEE OF THE IAS






























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  1. IAS CHAPTER IN MYSORE, INDIA: Under the able leadership of Dr.P.A.Mahesh of allergy, Asthma and Chest Center, Mysore IAS (INDIA OPERATIONS) sub chapter has been established since 2003. All the activities (Education, Research, Camps) in India will be arranged through this center. The contact info: Tele: 0821 2331546; email: mahesh1971in@yahoo.com
  2. IAS CHAPTER IN CHENNAI, INDIA: The Chennai, tamilnadu IAS chapter was inagurated under the able leadership of Dr.Sridhar of Allergy, Asthma resource center, Mylapore, Chennai in Jan 2005. Thro this chapter several educational acti vities and camps have been conducted for traffic and no traffic police personnel in Chennai. ADOPT AN ASTHMATIC scheme, the brain child of Dr Sridhar has been operational through this chapter in Chennai.
  3. IAS CHAPTER IN HYDERABAD, INDIA: IAS chapter in this location was started in Feb 2005 under the supervision of Dr. Rau .This chapter is conducting regular educational activities for the genral public in Telugudesam.
  4. IAS Chapter in BANGALORE, INDIA: IAS chapter in the Silicon city of India was inagurated in Oct 2004 under the energetic leadership of Dr.Narasimhan of Allergy,Asthma & Chest Center of Vijayanagara, Bangalore. Several educational activities and asrthma camps are being regularly conducted through this center.
  5. IAS Chapter in BARRACKPORE, W.BENGAL: Under the leadership of MADE IN INDIA Parivar this extremely active IAS chapter has been open for the past 3 years. Daily Asthma and Allrgy clinics and educational activities are being conducted.
  6. IAS chapter is in the process of formation under the leadership of Dr Ravi Sharma and Mr Jitesh Shah in Nairobi, this being the first operation in Africa.
  7. IAS chapter under the supervision of Dr Malbran is under formation in BUENOS AIRES, Argentina SA.

IAS chapters will be shortly being planned in the following locations:

  1. Coimbatore, Tamilnadu 2. Pondicherry 3. Ichalkaranji, Maharashtra 4. Karad, Maharashtra
  1. Mapusa, Goa. 6. Vapi, Gujarat 7. Chitradurga, Karnataka..


Under this scheme started in Chennai under the leadership of Dr Sridhar, economically disadvantaged asthmatics will be supplied asthma medications FREE thro the year with FREE professional services. It is estimated that $ 150 per year will support the medicational needs of ONE asthmatic. Please donate your valuable dollars to this scheme of IAS.


IAS is actively pursuing negotiations with Christian Medical College, Vellore (CMC) to set up the FIRST formal ALERGY-ASTHMA TRAINING PROGRAM for Physicians in India. Further announcements will be made soon.


IAS is involved in setting up Allergy-Asthma Centers with interested and qualified individuals in locations with significant need for such services. For further details regarding this issue, feel free to contact Dr Mahesh at mahesh1971in@yahoo.com or Dr Vedanthan at pkv1947@yahoo.com.

 CME activities of IAS:

IAS has partnered with several professional organizations and medical institutions in conducting CME activities for interested physicians in different parts of India: coimbatore, Bangalore, Mysore, Mandya, Goa, Karad, Ichalkaranji, Kolhapur, Pondicherry, Chennai. Vizagapatam.

Research activities of IAS:

IAS is pursuing several research projects in the field of Allergy, asthma and Immunology under the leadership of Drs. Vedanthan & Mahesh. Please contact if interested in associating with these activities.


IAS has established LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS to be bestowed on selected physicians in the field of Allergy & Asthma through the Indian academy of Allergy and Indian College of Allergy & Immunology. Dr Omprakash, a senior accomplished clinician and researcher from Bangalore was the proud recepient of this prestigious award in 2004-2005. If you have any deserving individuals for nomination, please contact Dr Mahesh at mahesh1971in@yahoo.com.



It was a ‘dream come true’ for Dr P.K.Vedanthan of Fort Collins, Colorado, the founder-chairman of INTERNATIONAL ASTHMA SERVICES (IAS), a 501 c-3 organization based in Colorado, dedicated to patient and physician education.

Diploma in Allergy & Asthma (DAA) is a year long distance learning course with a week practicum every quarter was inaugurated at Christian Medical College (CMC), Vellore, TN, INDIA, a premier medical institution in Asia in association with IAS. DAA is the FIRST formal training program in the field of Allergy & Asthma to be offered to qualified physicians in India.

With a population of a billion and growing, India has an estimated patient population of nearly 100 million with allergies, asthma and related conditions. At this moment, India does not have the manpower or the infrastructure to handle this huge patient population. With this in mind, Dr Vedanthan has been striving hard in the past decade to establish a formal training program in India.

The curriculum for the course although based upon the Fellowship program in Allergy, Asthma & Immunology is the USA is more clinically oriented and modified to Indian conditions. Faculty members are drawn both from the USA and India; there are plans for video conferencing with faculty in different parts of the world.

"This is a historic day, for the specialty of Allergy & Asthma in India, especially for the huge number of suffering patients from all walks of life" declared Dr Vedanthan, Director of the course from IAS, at the formal inauguration at CMC on June 18th 2006. " This is a stepping stone for us to develop a formal Fellowship program in the field of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology at CMC" declared Dr DJ Christopher, Prof. and head of the Dept of Pulmonology and Director of the course from CMC.

The first batch of 18 students hailing from Srinagar, J&K in the north to Kanyakumari in the south, selected from a huge pool of more than 100 applicants started the course this June 2006 and will graduate in May 2007. Dr Vedanthan, who visits India every 3-4 months to participate in these educational activities as well as charitable causes, is anxious to formulate the Allergy-Asthma network of India with 100 centers around the sub continent in the next 5 years. This net working will be not only of uniform standard care to the suffering patients, it will also channel several of the activities like clinical research, charitable camps, educational workshops. "I would like to see India prominently in the Allergy-Asthma map especially with outstanding research activities and patient care in the next 5 years" declares Dr Vedanthan, who for the past 7 years has slid into part time clinical practice in the USA, devoting 50% of his time to activities internationally.

IAS under Dr.Vedanthan’s leadership is also active in Kenya, Argentina, Philippines, Mauritius and has plans to open up chapters in several other countries. This is important since there is an Allergy-Asthma epidemic around the globe due to various reasons, mainly due to changing life styles and environmental issues.

Dr Vedanthan can be contacted at pkv1947@yahoo.com and more information regarding IAS can be obtained at:www.internationalasthmaservices.org





.Asthma-Allergy awareness camps: Drs.Vedanthan and Vinay Mehta, a fellow in training at Omaha, Nebraska conducted camps in Barrackpore, Kolkota and evaluated around 500 patients. Dr PKV also addressed the ESI physicians in Kolkota and talked re: nocturnal asthma

2. Dr PKV continued with more camps in Vapi and Sarigam, Gujarat and Ichalkaranji, Chikkodi and addressed the National conference of Laboratory technologists as a key note speaker. Dr Jali , Medical director and CEO of KLE hospitals, Belgaum hosted Dr PKV.

3. IAS signed the MOU with CMC regarding starting the DIPLOMA IN ALLERGY & ASTHMA (DAA) at CMC from June 2006. This is the first time in India such a course is being started for physicians. DRS PKV. PA Mahesh And DJ Christopher from CMC are busy setting up the course at this time. The course was finally put into place; formal ads were run in leading newspapers in India under CMC &IAS in May 2006. There was an overwhelming response to these announcements inspite of the short time involved in the selection process. diligent process 20 eligible candidates were selected by CMC & IAS. The course was formally inaguarated on 18th June at CMC by Dr John Chandy, Director of CMC. We had the following faculty for the 1st Personal Contact session (PCS) : DRS.P.K.Vedanthan, DJ Christopher, PA Mahesh, Shripad Agashe, Chitra Dinakar along with a Radiologist, Pulmonologist and a dermatologist from CMC faculty. The PCS 1 & 2 sessions went off very well and the reviews were excellent. We are getting to conduct the PCS 3 in early December 06.Dr Henry Claman, distinguished prof. of Immunology fro the University of Colorado Health Sciences center will be our visiting faculty for the entire session.

4.IAS held the dinner meeting of the Board of advisors at the India House restaurant. We had lively discussions with Drs.Dreskin, Claman. Kirkpatrick, Mason, Katial. It was sponsored by Sanofi Aventis.

5.Dr DJ Christopher , Head of the Pulmonology Dept at CMC & Co- Director of the Allergy & Asthma training program visited Denver,Colorado in late Oct 2006.Dr P.K.arranged tours of Univ of Colorado Health Sciences, National Jewish Medical & Research Center .Dr DJC met with several faculty members at those institutions and discussed several issues pertaining to our training program in India.

6.Our program at CMC was published as press releases in India Abroad, Himalayan news and American Academy of allergy news.

7.IAS will be honoring several individuals in Dec 2006-Jan 2007 for their contributions to the field of Allergy,Asthma, Aerobiology and Immunology. They are Drs. Henry Claman, Shripad Agashe, Ruby Pawankar, H.Paramesh. They will be given "Life time Achievement Awards" for their respective contributions to the advancement of science in their respective field.



Dr. Claman teaches Allergy and Immunology in India
Henry N. Claman, MD, distinguished professor of medicine, recently spent two weeks in India, where volunteered to teach a post-graduate diploma course in Allergy and Immunology to Indian physicians.

Henry Claman, MD, during a post-graduate course lecture in India.

The course was for those physicians wanting to broaden their practice to include those disciplines. The course took place at The Christian Medical College (CMC) in Vellore, southern India, in the state of Tamil Nadu, and near Chennai (formerly Madras).

The course was under the auspices of International Asthma Services, an organization founded by P.K. Vedanthan, MD, associate clinical professor of medicine (Allergy and Clinical Immunology, UCDHSC) who practices medicine in Denver and Ft. Collins. The course was coordinated by Dr. D. J. Christopher, professor of medicine (Pulmonary Division) at the CMC.

The CMC is a century-old establishment which runs a school of medicine and a comprehensive clinical medical center. Its hospital has more than 2,000 beds and the staff treats 4,000-5,000 outpatients daily. Dr. Claman's activities included nine seminars, a grand rounds, journal club, discussions of case presentations and a bit of Medical Humanities. The students were from several parts of India, and included family physicians, pediatricians and internists.

 2. Dr. VEDANTHAN along with Mrs.KAMALA VEDANTHAN  conducted ASTHMA-ALLERGY AWARENESS CAMPS in  Ichalkaranji, Karad Maharashtra and Dharwad,Uttara Karnataka in Jan 2007. Around 500 patients were evaluated and advised. Local doctors who vlunteered included  DRS.Dilip Deshmukh, Sanjay Pawar,Rajan Deshpande as well as several community and Rotary volunteers. 

3. IAS-CMC staff are getting ready for PCS 4 session as well as final exams for the DAA course to be held at CMC,Vellore in mid march 2007.

4.Asthma-Allergy camp has been scheduled at Rathnagiri,Tamilnadu in March 2007 with the assistance from Dr Sridharan of Chennai.

                      Dr Henry Claman conducting his classes to the DAA group at CMC, Dec 2006


DAA FINAL EXAMS AT CMC CONDUCTED IN MARCH 2007. The Final exams were conducted as per our protocol. Theory exam was conducted thro MCQ (Multiple choice questions) of 240 questions to be answered in 3 hours. Practical exams in allergen Skin testing procedure, Spirometry and its interpretation and an extensive Clinical exam with viva voce were held on the premises of CMC. All the 18 students were declared 'PASSED' after tabulating the results. Dr Henry Claman award of Excellence will be awarded to the graduating student with the highest over all score. The graduation ceremony for the successful candidates will be held in late July 2007 on the premises of CMC.

 DAA CANDIDATES FOR 2007-08 BATCH: We had an exceelent reponse to our announcements in the national media re. our course for 2007-08. Out of a strong applicant of around 75 physicians, 20 were selected for the DAA course for 2007-08 batch. All the 20 candidates have Post Graduate training or degrees. The DAA course will start in with the first PCS to be conducted in late July 2007.

Asthma-Allergy Awareness camp in Fiji, Jan 2007:

  IAS under the leadership of Dr P.K.vedanthan conducted the FIRST EVER asthma-Allergy awareness Camp at the local hospital on the Island of Taveuni on  Jan 2007. This was conducted under the auspices of the Rotary club of Taveuni. Around 80 patients attended the session. IAS has been requested to develope a full fledged Respiratory Care Center at the Taveuni hospital. Efforts are already on the way to make this a reality in near future.

Asthma-Allergy camp Taveuni,Fiji 2007

 Child Fiji 2007.


IAS shipped a box of medications, supplies and some basic equipment to the Taveuni Hospital in May 2007. Dr.Jeff Ruttgard from Lajolla, CA was kind enough to take the supplies with him to Fiji. Dr Jeff is an Eye MD and does surgery at taveuni as a volunteer. Geoffrey Amos ,president of the RC of Taveuni wrote a note of thanks. We are starting to write a Rotary MG to set up a respiratory center at the hospital in Taveuni.




                               IAS-CAHEP PARTNERSHIP

  IAS has associated with CAHEP (Colorado Asian Health Education & Promotion) to promote awareness among the Pacific islander population ( Indians, Chinese.Laotian,Philippino,)in the state of Colorado. CAHEP (http://www.cahep.org) is direcred by Dr Alok Sarwal a community leader. CAHEP organized an all day symposium on Health Disparities in Denver on Saturaday 19th May 2007 and it was very well represented by community leaders, physicians, health care providers (from insurance, hospital sectors) and around 200 people attended the sessions. Dr Vedanthan was the moderator of the Providers section panel. CAHEP is educating and collecting date on diabetes, Asthma,Allergies,TB,Cardiovascular disorders among the Pacific islanders. IAS has partnered with CAHEP regarding the issue of Asthma and Allergy. CAHEP holds weekend camps in different parts of Metro Denver throout the year.


    IAS - CAHEP conducting Allergy-Asthma camps in Denver metro area, Colorado 

                                  IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTMAY 2007

IAS is branching out to perform CARDIOLOGY SERVICES under the leadership of Dr.RAJESH VEDANTHAN, MD.MPH Fellow in Cardiology at Mt.Sinai hospital,NYC. Dr Rajesh will be initiating GLOBAL CARDIOLOGY  INITIATIVES soon as an extension of IAS. Legal work is on the way to set up this association. Dr R.Vedanthan will be initiating Cardiac services soon at Eldoret,KENYA and Granada in the CARIBBEANS.




  On august 1st 2007, it was a historic occasion. 18 students from different parts of India, successfully passed out of the DAA program at CMC and were duly awarded the DIPLOMA IN ALLERGY & ASTHMA. The ceremony was held at the Ida Scudder auditorium at the Bagayam campus of the CMC. Padmashri Dr Thiruvengamam, Prof of Medicine and a pioneer in the field of allergy & Pulmonology in Chennai was the chief  guest. DRS DJ Christopher and P.K.Vedanthan, Directors of the DAA program welcomed and addressed the gathering. It was a very solemn occasion and there were guests that included families of the graduates, personnel from the Dept of Pulmonology at CMC, the fresh batch of DAA (20007-08 batch).









IAS along with Dr.Arif Ahmed,Pediatrician at MASHA  MEDICAL CENTER conducted ALLERGY-ASTHMA AWARENESS CAMP on Dec 1, 2007 in memory of his father in Hyderabad,India. The camp was inaugurated br Dr Swati Bhave,Past president of IAP. 110 patients were evaluated free of charge; 35 spirometries were done as well as several patients were skin tested for various allergens.


                                                                 Dr.Arif Ahmed at the camp

 P.K.Vedanthan honored by the Univ of Colorado, Dept of Medicine at the 32nd annual awards ceremony in Denver: 3rd May 2008



  Dr.PK Vedanthan &Kamala Vedanthan at the award ceremony 

 DR PKV was awarded the 'INTERNATIONAL CLINICAL FACULTY SERVICE AWARD' for his academic and educational activities in india and other  countries.

                     IAS ACTIVITIES IN EARLY 2008

 1.Jabalpur, MP: Asthma educational camp under Dr. Parimalaswamy. Feb 22, 2008

 2.CME activities/asthma camp: Lucknow,UP under Dr Rajendra Prasad, Prof/HOD dept of chest medicine, King George medical university. Feb 29--Mar 3.

 3.CME activities: Kolkota. Allergy/Asthma association under Dr.Ritu Das: March 8th 2008

 4.Asthma/allergy camp: Barrackpore,WB: under Made in India Pariwar. March 9th & 10th. 08

 5.Asthma /Allergy camp: Dharwad,Karnataka under Dr Rajan Deshpande: March 15th 2008

 6.Asthma/Allergy camp: Belgaum,Karnataka: under Dr.Patil/Deshpande: March 16th 2008


              JULY-AUGUST 2008 IAS UPDATE:

  1. New batch of 20 PG students have been selected for Diploma course in allergy & asthma at CMC,Vellore starting in mid Aug 2008. We welcome our NEW students.

  2. 19/21 of the 2007-08 batch of the DAA students are graduating. The DAA graduation ceremony will be held at the Scudder auditorium on thursday Aug 21st .

  3. IAS is pursuing its efforts with our group in Taveuni,Fiji to develope the Allergy-Asthma center.

  4.  IAS is initiating a preliminary discussion with CMC,Vellore to develope the CENTER OF EXCELLENCE IN ALLERGY & ASTHMA , the FIRST of its kind in Asia.




DAAGraduation ceremony16th Aug 2008 at CMC

 Eighteen students of the DAA program received their Diplomas at the graduation ceremony held at the Scudder auditorium on thursday, Aug 16th 2008. Dr.Raj B.Singh from Chennai was the chief guest. Dr Madhubashini was awarded the Henry Claman Gold medal for the over all proficiency.

                                    DAA GRADUATION CEREMONY AT CMC, AUG 16th,2008


    DAA starts off its 3rd. year with 20 more students:   Twenty candidates from different parts of India were selected to participate in the DAA program starting from July-aug 2008. The candidates were selected from a large pool of suitable candidates. The first session (PCS 1) will be starting in Mid aug 2008.





                  NOVEMBER 2008

   Dr. Narayana Pradeep, a consulting Pulmonologist trained at CMC, Vellore took the initiative to conduct FREE ASTHMA-ALLERGY AWARENESS CAMPS in Kasargod,Puttur. The camps were held under the auspices of Indian Medical Association (IMA) and Satya Sayi Samithi Bayar. Several hundred patients were evaluated and advised.Free PFT were performed. School children were also addressed as a part of the educational drive under Dr. Pradeep. Photos are attached below:


                                        School children in Puttur

                     Dr Narayan Pradeep Examining a lady at the camp


                       FREE ASTHMA-ALLERGY CAMP IN KASARGOD, NOV 2008    




Dr P.K.Vedanthan was honored by Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) a major medical institution in Bangalore,Karnataka.  Dr Vedanthan was recognized for the service rendered in the ffield of allergy, asthma and Immunology, especially in India. Dr Sudarshan ,Principal of KIMS as well as Dr Mahadev, general secretary of the Vokkaliga Sangha are also seen. Mrs Kamala Vedanthan was also recognized for her dedicated support in this service oriented project.



JAIPUR: Under the auspices of SMS hospital and Asthma Bhavan & Academy of clinical research, Dr Vedanthan conducted CME,patient education and also delivered an oration to the medical staff . these activities were held between Feb 13 14, 15th 2009. Dr vivek Atheya, Dr virendra singh and his associates were instrumental in making this a success.


DELHI: Dr PKV delivered a lecture at V.P.Chest institute on Feb 19th 2009 as a part of the 34th annual allergy asthma review course. Drs Raj kumar, Dr Vijayan and Dr AB singh coordinated their efforts.


MYSORE: Under the auspices of Indian academyof Paediatrics (IAP) repiratory chapter, Dr Vedanthan delivered a lecture on Pediatric allergy: update on March  , 2009.


BANGALORE: Under the auspices of the IAP,Respiratory chapter ,Dr Vedanthan delivered a lecture on Pediatric allergy : update to its members at Lakeside hospital on March 8th 2009.

Future Locations Planned:

  • Tanzania
  • Nepal: Kathmandu
  • Egypt
  • India: Other Locations
  • Mexico
  • USA: Medically Indigent 
  • Botswana
  • Brazil
  • Ecuador
  • Saratova, Russia

Board of Directors:

Chairman: Dr. P.K. Vedanthan,International Asthma Services(IAS)

Chairman: Dr. Rajesh Vedanthan, GlobalCardiology Initiatives





Headquaters: 2020 Wadsworth Blvd, Suite 13A,

                        Lakewood, Colorado 80214, USA

         Phone:303 238 0471(office); 303 238 6711 (Fax)

Web Location:www.intlasthmaservices.org


Email Contact:  pkv1947@gmail.com, rvedanthan@gmail.com