In Time
Springfield's Premiere R & B & Doo Wop Group

    "In Time," a vocal group consisting of five fellows, Carl Williams, Fred Guess, Marvin Lyon, Eric Wilson and JimmieWilson, was originally formed as an a cappella group in 1995. About two years prior to this, Carl, Fred & Jimmie were singing with one another colleague on weekends, "just for the fun of it," when things started to get serious. One member left the group, and the remaining members began to audition various singers, but could not find the voice to maintain their sound.

      At that time, Marvin, who was living in Florida, had come to Springfield, MA to visit family and friends. The group invited him to its rehearsals. He joined in, blended quite well, but being here on a temporary basis, had to return to Florida. Jimmie was then offered a position to sing with another group. Now, Carl and Fred had the task of finding two singers with similar skills and ambitions.

      As fate would have it, Marvin returned to Springfield, MA permanently and became the third member of the group. Still looking for that fourth voice, Marvin mentioned a friend he used to sing with named Eric Wilson. During the mid-sixties, Marvin and Eric sang with a group called "The Tides." They also did some recording as a group.

      After the break-up of The Tides, Marvin then became lead singer of a band called "Marvin and the Soul Keys," in which Eric sang and played the saxophone. With the addition of those two voices, the group In Time was formed.

      Carl and Fred, who are cousins, began singing during junior high school and high school with a group called "The Universals." After graduatuing from high school, Fred joined the U.S. Army and continued to sing with vocal groups throughout his military career. Carl continued to sing with a local vocal group called "The Regals." Later, Carl also joined the Army and sang with a vocal group while stationed in Germany. When discharged, he returned and resumed singing with the Regals who later became "The Quotations." Like Carl and Fred, Jimmie sang during his stint in the Navy. Jimmie, who sang with the "Five Satins," and with other various groups, was also a member of "The Quotations. In 1968, the Quotations recorded "I Don't Have To Worry" and "It Could Happen To You."

      Around 2004, Marvin had to temporarily leave the group due to health reasons. During that time, Jimmie filled in. After Marvin's recovery, it was decided that Jimmie would stay in the group, at which time, In Time became a five man group.

      Today, In Time has since incorporated instrumentation in their repertoire. The group now performs at various venues whenever and wherever their talent is requested.







April - Private party for Forest Park Reunion.


Saturday, August 16th at a site to be determined, with the Glamour Girls, Cleveland Still & the Dubs ( with Springfield's own Leslie Anderson), Remember When, Skid Marks   and many more artists.    Call  Bob 413-786-1929 or  Gary 413-478-0901.


Contact people to book In Time:


Carl Williams @ 413-732-4165

Fred Guess @ 413-739-7848


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 (Left to right) Fred Guess, Jimmie Wilson, Marvin Lyon,

Eric Wilson and seated Carl "Dubby" Williams.