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New Muscovite Tsardom

The New Muscovite Tsardom is an empire of six systems ruled from New Moscow.  It is an expanionistic and potentially aggressive power which believes that those states which do not expand will be swallowed later by those that did.  Society is consciously modelled along historical Russian models with a tsar, an aristocracy and a large serf population. 
The New Muscovite Tsardom speaks Russian as a native language.

The Tsardom consists of:

Perun. 0409. Breathable atmosphere. Temperate. Hybrid biosphere. Population in 10,000s. TL2. Noted for its alien ruins many of which remain in good condition. Autocratic local regime.

Firebird. 0408. Breathable atmosphere. Temperate. Miscible biosphere. Population in 100,000s. TL4. Firebird has a Psionics Academy and is famed for its flying cities.

Chernobog. 0407. Corrosive and invasive atmosphere. Warm. No native biosphere. Alien civilisation present. TL4+. Human settlement present primarily for research into local technology. Chernobog is a colony planet of a species known as Salamanders who have no other presence in sector. The local population is numerous and tight control is required. Caution advised.

New Moscow. 0406. Breathable atmosphere. Temperate. No native biosphere. Population in billions. TL4. New Moscow is a regional superpower and has significant spaceyard facilities.

Rusalka. 0306. Breathable atmosphere. Temperate. Miscible biosphere. Population in millions. TL4. Rusalka has 90% ocean cover and is noted for its floating cities and its friendly and native sentients the Vodyanoi - famed for their primitive but beautiful arts and crafts.

Karlovsky's World. 0305. Thick atmosphere. Cold. Immiscible biosphere. Population in 100,000s. TL4. Noted for its bubble cities and its perfume ingredients and industry.
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