“Brilliant and hottttttt! A sexy, wild journey through an inspired mind.” – Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment

In the Now by Melissa St. Hilaire

In the Now is a brutally honest memoir about a move across America that sparks up pop culture nostalgia, philosophical debate, and embarrassing but funny memories as told from the perspective of a 24 year old recent college grad finding her way in the world. We follow her life in an unconventional semi-chronological format as she travels cross country as a young adult and reminisces on her youth in rural Massachusetts, going to college in Boston, falling in love in New York City, and chasing her dreams in Hollywood. She shares extremely personal, often funny-sometimes embarrassing-anecdotes, as well as reflections-sometimes graphic-on anything from Jack Kerouac, Star Wars, and U2's Bono to sex, drugs, and the meaning of life. 

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About the Author

Melissa St. Hilaire was born and raised in rural Massachusetts. She studied film at Boston College, fell in love in New York City, and moved to Los Angeles to chase her dreams. She wrote film and music reviews for The Heights Inc. Her poetry has appeared in the periodicals Shards, The Outer Fringe, and The Laughing Medusa. She co-authored several scripts for Tone-East Productions. Her current projects include the recently completed Saurimonde, a supernatural erotic fiction series with co-author Scarlett Amaris, a screen adaptation of bestselling memoir Sorcerer's Apprentice: My Life with Carlos Castaneda by Amy Wallace, a follow-up to In the Now called, Medicated, and a fantasy series called Kaleidoscope Moon.