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About ITN Blog:
This Blog was first started by students of Modern Middle East Studies courses. It is still a group managed site collecting news dealing with the Is world, the Middle East, and Muslims around the world. If you are a Middle Eastern studies faculty, student, or Middle Eastern politics junkie, you can take part in posting news items and essays.
Since it was started, this site has become a daily destiny for people of similar interests from around the world and you can contribute to enriching the content especially if you have access or subscribe to online news outlets that the public may not know about. The only governing code of conduct is that, you respect copyright laws, reference the source, do not SPAM, and keep it relevant. This site is about bringing news to interested readers. If you agree to this and would like to join the community of Contributors and Editors, email one of the Moderators/Administrators at: (at) gmail. com. You will then receive an invitation to become an Author of this Blog. To activate your membership, accept the invitation (instruction will be provided) and start monitoring news sites and posting the most relevant items. To have an idea of what is allowed and what is not, please browse the archives. Violators will be removed without notice.

Translating the Content of this Site:
If you wish to read the content of ITN in another language, simply copy-and-paste the main URL of ITN ( ) into the URL window on the 
Tanslation page (where it is Translate a web page)
, select the language of your choice, and click "translate." >> Go to Translation tool now...
Lastly, since this is a volunteers-run resource, every year or so, several of the loyal and consistent Authors/Contributors will be asked to take-over the management responsibilities of this site, so please be prepared to do that (you may even volunteer to do so before you are asked).

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