Cuscus from CapeVerde

Cuscus from CaboVerde


Here is my beautiful mother and my grandmother both of whom I love dearly. They were born in Furna - Brava, Cape Verde also known for its portuguese name as CaboVerde. A portuguese speaking Island off of the coast of West Africa.

In CapeVerde just like in any other Country there are many traditional dishes such as 2 of the main ones. Cuscus - a breakfast bread and Cachupa- a heavy soup for lunch. These are 2 of my favorite Capeverdian foods along with others such as funginho, gigacida, and the list goes on.

Cuscus is a breakfast food. For those of you who don't know what it is, its similar to a corn muffin or a corn type of bread. It is made fresh and eaten whilst hot off of the stove spread with loads of butter to melt nicely on top. I love eating this with my favorite rasberry tea. Some of you might hate it whilst others love it. It all depends on your taste buds. But I absolutely love it. Just last week alone I made it about 4 times kkkkkkk.....

Try it for yourself. Its really different and you just might end up liking it.
A few pointers before you start:
Buy a cv21 or 8"plant pot and place a tiny cloth on the bottom of it just to cover up the whole in the center of your pot. Optionally - you can choose to make more smaller holes with a drill all around the big hole. Just to ensure it cooks quicker with the steam.

Seperatley either get a big can that can easily fit the plant pot or a pot that allows the plant pot to sit on top of it without touching the bottom. This will be like a double boiler (because couscous cooks with only steam. You cannot allow the water to touch it at all or it will become mush,your best bet is to get a huge can. I bought mine at a local grocery store and it had vegetables inside. I took the vegetables out and used the can itself)

36 oz extra fine corn meal
8 oz precooked cornmeal
13 oz sugar
4 tsp cinnamon
4 cups water

Take all of your ingredients and put them all together into a big bowl and with your hands mix it all well, until all incorporated and starting to all stick together. Once that is done.Take a strainer and run the entire mixture through it Sifting all of your mixed mixture directly into the plant pot.
sift it
plant pot
Then cover it completely with aluminum foil.

Take your empty can and fill it half way with water. Sit your plant pot on top of the can and cover all around the edges with your left over cuscus mix to ensure no steam comes out. Cover your aluminum with a small cloth and pot lid. Being very sure to not let any steam out. Then turn on your fire to medium heat and allow it to cook for about 20 minutes or until you smell the cuscus very fragrantly.

Once that is done. simply flip your cuscus over onto a plate and slices like a cake, adding loads of butter to every slice.mmmmmmm..... so yummy especially with a warm cup of tea.

From my kitchen to yours. 

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