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Since 10.10.06

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"In the Can" on KLAS 89.7 FM.com is the new voice of Indie films. This unique program gives Filmmakers a platform to market and generate a "Buzz" for their projects.

The show airs "Live" every Saturday from 3:00pm - 3:30pm online. Just open the following show link: KLAS 89.7FM.comand click on Listen Live. The shows are upbeat and entertaining, interviews are conducted to get answers to those FAQ's about how Indies are shot from the people that shoot them. Production copies of "In the Can" are provided upon request.

Plans are in the works to take "In the Can" to Comcast Cable channel 27. The running time & format will be consistent; 22 minutes of interviews and content with 8 minutes of commercial air time available to sponsors at very competitive rates. The goal is to have all of the sponsors be industry connected. This will provide an unmatched opportunity for anyone to have a direct pipeline to the consumer. Contact me with your questions. I look forward to earning your business.

Your Host,

Kip Brown 
"Hope all your gates are good and we'll see you on the red carpet!"