Paul O'DONOVAN(70)

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"Dancing away the blues"

"Before the deluge"
Dedicated to Captain Webb of Dawley, Shrophire; (1st channel swimmer 1875) & subject of John Betjeman's honourable poem. (A Shropshire lad)
"...A lass was singing a hymn,
When Captain Webb the Dawley man,
Captain Webb from Dawley,...
Came swimming along the old canal
That carried the bricks to Lawley.
Swimming along—
Swimming along—
Swimming along from Severn,
Paying a call at Dawley Bank while swimming along to Heaven."

Borley Rectory, Essex - 'The Nun's Walk'...a stoning...croquet prevails before fire.
My grandmother lived in nearby Long Melford where her father was police superintendent...often requestled to investigate 'incidents' at Borley Rectory