5.2.2009 Staraoke goes pan-European with Cartoon Network

Intervisio has started a pan-European co-operation with Cartoon Network. Cartoon Network will produce a local version of Intervisio’s hit format Staraoke for UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Poland. Each country will have their own 13-episode series of Staraoke in fall 2009 and altogether 78 episodes will be produced. The production will take place in March-April in London. British indie producer Archie Productions will do the actual production. ”Staraoke will be a primetime show for Cartoon Network. We are extremely happy to be able to work with Cartoon Network and Archie Productions”, says Antti Seppänen, CEO of Intervisio. Intervisio and Cartoon Network are also co-operating on the licensing & merchandising of Staraoke-brand.


8.4.2008 Staraoke won an Emmy!

Intervisio's hit format Staraoke won the Interactive Program category in The International Interactive Emmy® Awards. International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced tonight the winners for the International Interactive Emmy® Awards, organized for the third year in a row in Cannes, France in partnership with Reed MIDEM and hosted by British comedian Brian Conley (The Brian Conley Show, Let Me Entertain You).
“This year’s winners are an Illustration of how technology is enhancing viewer participation and bringing an added value to television content,” said Bruce L. Paisner, President & CEO of The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. ”We congratulate them on their achievements.”

“Emmy is the most prestigious television award in the world. We are extremely happy about this. I’m sure this will help us in bringing Staraoke into new markets”, said Antti Seppänen, CEO of Intervisio.
The awards ceremony and dinner was attended by over 150 international executives from the television, broadband and mobile industries and sponsored by Alcatel-Lucent.

4.3.2008 Staraoke nominated for Emmy

Staraoke has been nominated for Emmy-award. Staraoke is the first finnish tv-show to get a nomination for Emmy. Nominations for The International Interactive Emmy Awards were announced on wednesday by The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in New York.
There are 12 nominees in 3 categories: Interactive Program, Interactive Channel and Interactive TV Service. Staraoke is one of the four nominees in Interactive Program-category.  “These programs, channels and services illustrate the array of interactivity being offered to television viewers worldwide via cable, satellite, mobile phones and broadband.” said Bruce Paisner, President & CEO of the International Academy. “We are pleased to be honoring them for their outstanding achievements.”
Winners for these 3 categories will be presented with an International Emmy Award in Cannes, France on Tuesday April 8, at The International Interactive Emmy Awards Gala at MIPTV.

18.12.2007 Sub comissions Verkossa

Intervisio will produce another series Of ”Verkossa” a tv-show about digital lifestyle for Sub in spring 2006. Weekly half an hour magazine show covers the latest gadgets and news stories about digital lifestyle. Intervisio will produce 12 episodes from the beginning of april. The sponsors of the show are Sony, TeliaSonera and Webmark.

3.9.2007 Two new Staraoke-games

Intervisio will publish two new Staraoke-games this autumn: GigaStaraoke features pop songs and Lastenlaulu Staraoke has traditional children’s songs. Intervisio has produced the games with leading finnish game developer Housemarque Games. Both games are distributed in Finland by Panvision.

6.8.2007 Staraoke’s fifth season in TV4

TV4 has comissioned fifth series of Staraoke for autumn 2007. Nordisk Film will produce 10 new episodes of Staraoke for TV4. Staraoke continues to be one of the best performing children’s show’s in Sweden.

11.6.2007 Staraoke spin-off

Finland’s leading kidscaster SubTV Juniori has commissioned 15 episodes of ”Pikku Staraoke” (”Little Staraoke). This spinoff-show is aimed for preschoolers and it features traditional children’s songs from the new ”Lastenlaulu Staraoke”- PC game. The show will start on the 15th of september.

21.5.2007 MTV3 comissions a daily food show

Intervisio will produce a daily food show for MTV3 starting in the beginning of september. The show is called ”Mitä tänään syötäisiin?” (”What should we eat today?”). The host of the show is well known finnish TV chef Aki Wahlman. The show is broadcasted every weekday at 17.25 on MTV3. The sponsor of the show is Finland’s leading retail company Kesko.

8.3.2007 TV4 commissions more Staraoke

TV4 has commissioned third series of Staraoke for spring 2007. Nordisk Film will produce 10 new episodes of Staraoke for TV4. Altogether 30 episodes of Staraoke have now been produced in Sweden and the ratings of the show are very good: Average ratings of the show are over 100 000 viewers on  saturday mornings. This makes Staraoke one of the best performing children’s show’s in Sweden.

19.2.2007 Minimax commissions another Staraoke-series for Hungary

Hungary’s leading kid’s broadcaster Minimax has commissioned another series of Staraoke. 10 new episodes will be produced in Budapest in the end of march. The new series will feature 20 new hungarian pop songs and all the new songs will also be featured in a new hungarian Staraoke PC-game. The new series and the new game will be lauched in april.

18.12.2006 MegaStaraoke is number 3 in the official PC-games chart

Staraoke’s succes in Finland continues with MegaStaraoke PC-game. The game is number 3 in the official finnish PC-game chart, which is compiled from the sales information of all the leading finnish retailers. This is a remarkable achievement in the most competitive pre-Christmas season. It is also the best chart position for a Staraoke-game so far.

2.11.2006 TV4 commissions another 10 episodes of Staraoke for spring 2007

Staraoke’s succes in Sweden continues: TV4 has commissioned another 10 episodes of Staraoke for early spring 2007. The fall season of Staraoke on  TV4 has been very succesfull and the show has become the most popular kid’s tv-show on TV4. New episodes will be produced by TV4’s production partner Nordisk Film and the new season will start in january 2007. Staraoke is represented in Sweden by Plus Licens.

24.10.2006 Intervisio strikes a deal with SonyBMG & M4E

Intervisio has  signed a co-operation deal with german licensing company M4E and SonyBMG. In Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Benelux-countries Staraoke is represented by M4E, one of the leading german licensing companies. Brands represented by M4E include all Marvel-characters and the company is responsible for all licensing activies of Bundesliga.

-Staraoke’s pan-european music partner is SonyBMG, with whom M4E works very closely. This opens up very interesting possibilities with music-related merchandising, says Antti Seppänen, CEO of Intervisio.

5.9.2006 Staraoke’s launch in Hungary is successful

The first episode of the hungarian Staraoke tv-show is a success. The show aired on 2.9. at 10.00 and had a biggest share of it’s target group (kid’s 7-11 years). Staraoke’s share in that target group was 22%. Staraoke PC-game for hungarian market will be released in october.

4.8.2006 TV4 commissions Staraoke for Sweden

Sweden’s biggest commercial broadcaster TV4 has commissioned Staraoke. Intervisio and it’s agent for Scandinavian market Plus Licens have licensed the format for TV4. The actual production will be handled by TV4’s kid’s tv production partner Nordisk Film. TV4 will have 10 episodes of Staraoke on fall 2006, starting in mid-october. The show will feature pop songs from the swedish version of Staraoke-game.

1.6.2006 Tilt retail chain opens Finland’s largest online games store

Intervisio has licensed -domain for Tilt retail chain. The retail chain has opened Finland’s largest online videogames store using the domain The online store will also be the official store of, Finland's biggest videogames community.

| 23.5.2006 | MTV3 commissions Verkossa

Intervisio will produce a tv-show about digital lifestyle for MTV3 in fall 2006. ”Verkossa” tv-show tries every week answer the question: how digitalization is changing our life, work, business and leisure?. Weekly half an hour magazine show covers also the latest gadgets and news stories about digital life. Intervisio will produce 12 episodes from the beginning of october. The sponsors of the show are Microsoft, Philips and TeliaSonera.

3.4.2006 | Intervisio and Coronaria start an ad network company

Intervisio has joined forces with Finland’s biggest health media company Coronaria Oy. Together the two companies have started a joint venture Verkossa Media Oy, which specialises in internet ad sales. The new company represents Intervisio’s sites (,, Coronaria’s sites (, and leading finnish third party websites. The thirdparty-sites represented by Verkossa Media include leading teenage community site, Finland’s biggest tv-guide website and Finland’s leading comparison shopping-site

29.3.2006 |  Staraoke screentests on Tallink’s new cruising ship

Intervisio and leading Baltic Sea ferry company Tallink start co-operation around Staraoke. The tv-show’s fall season’s screen tests will be held in summer 2006 onboard of m/s Galaxy,  Tallink’s new ferry traveling between Helsinki and Tallin. Tallink is one of the dominant shipping companies of the Northern Baltic Sea and provides passenger and transport services by twelve ships. Tallink provided services last financial year for 2,8 million passengers.

9.3.2006 |  MTV3 commissions Staraoke

Finland’s biggest TV network MTV3 has commissioned sixth season of Staraoke (10 episodes) for autumn 2006. The show will continue to feature comtemporary pop songs with a new version of Staraoke-software.

6.3.2006 |  Intervisio and Plus Licens co-operation on Staraoke

Intervisio and Plus Licens, the largest licensing company in Eastern Europe and the Nordic countries start co-operation around Staraoke. Plus Licens will represent Staraoke in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Plus Licens’s two main activities are licensing and television sales. The brands represented by Plus License include Winx Club, Pokemon, Peanuts and Teletubbies.

1.3.2006 | Staraoke sold to Hungary

Intervisio and Hungary’s biggest children’s tv-channel Minimax have signed an agreement confirming the production of Staraoke tv-show  in fall 2006. Minimax will produce 16 episodes of Staraoke, starting in september 2006. Minimax’s merchandising arm will also release Staraoke PC-game at the same time in Hungary.

14.2.2006 |  Staraoke optioned for U.K

Intervisio has sold option for Staraoke tv-format for leading British tv-production company Talent Television. Talent Television produces a wide range of entertainment and factual television programmes and formats for both UK broadcasters and international distribution. Its portfolio includes top-quality, interactive entertainment events such as the “Test the Nation”, on BBC1 . Talent Television is also very succesful in children’s television, producing the hit reality format “Best of Friends” for CBBC.

1.2.2006 |  Staraoke optioned for Portugal

Intervisio has sold option for Staraoke tv-format for leading Portuguese production company beActive S.A. beActive specialises in crossmedia productions and it’s hits in Portugal include Sofia’s diary, which combines a popular web community with an interactive tv-drama and mobile services.

13.1.2006 |  SuperStaraoke PC-game charts

Third Staraoke-game ”SuperStaraoke” was Finland's bestselling children's game during christmas. SuperStaraoke was number 8 on the highly competitive December Games chart in Finland. SuperStaraoke is the best selling game in the Staraoke games series.

1.12.2005 |  Intervisio and Elisa Oyj release

Intervisio releases ( in co-operation with Finland's leading broadband provider Elisa Oyj. is a new online video portal where users are able to search for online video clips.'s editors each day present and review timely and topical videos for viewing. An integral part of is the first finnish language Web video search engine, which is produced together with American All searches are hosted and powered by Searchformedia but branded as can also be reached through's Elisa-tv-navigation and Elisa's mobile portal.

7.11.2005 |  SuperStaraoke now available

Third Staraoke PC-game ”SuperStaraoke” is now available. The game has now completely new graphical style and it features 20 finnish pop songs. Intervisio has produced the game with leading finnish game developer Housemarque Games. SuperStaraoke is distributed in Finland by Panvision.

17.10.2005 |  Staraoke’s fifth season starts with good ratings

Staraoke’s fifth season on MTV3 started last saturday morning. Staraoke got again the best ratings for kid’s programmes and had 105 000 viewers (10+). Staraoke’s share was 24%. New season brings new features, audience can for example now vote for their favourite singer at

14.09.2005 | retail chain opened

Intervisio has licensed for Finland’s first video games retail chain. Tilt-shops opened doors  today. First stores are located in Helsinki, Turku and Tampere in the biggest shopping centers in Finland. The chain is a result of co-operation between Intervisio Oy and Pelaajan Pelikauppa Oy.

08.06.2005 Anna-Maija is the TiltGirl

Anna-Maija Jalkanen has won the TiltGirl-competition. She will replace Jaana Pelkonen as the presenter of in august 2005, when the fall season of the show starts. 22 years old Anna-Maija plays videogames and she studies singing at Helsinki Pop Jazz Conservatory.

06.05.2005 Staraoke DVD released

Intervisio has released a Staraoke-DVD, consisting of 10 episodes from the first season of the show. Lasten Staraoke (Children's Staraoke) DVD features 19 traditional children's songs and DVD-extras (Interview of the shows hostess etc.). DVD is distributed by Panvision.

29.04.2005 Staraokes fifth season confirmed

Finland's biggest TV network MTV3 has commissioned fifth season of Staraoke (10 episodes) for autumn 2005. The show will continue to feature comtemporary pop songs. There will a set of new songs for fall season.

25.04.2005 Staraoke nominated for Nordisk Barne TV Festival

Staraoke has been moninated for competition at Nordisk Barne TV Festival at Ebeltoft, Denmark in june. Staraoke will compete in the entertainment programs category.

11.03.2005 TiltGirl-competition starts

Intervisio is looking for a new presenter for The screentests will be arranged through a national tour of TiltGirl-happenings. These TiltGirl-happenings will take place in 12 finnish nightclubs, where people can come for the screentests. 12 best applicants get to semifinals and the winner is selected by tv-audience and's jury from 8 contestants who get to the finals. The new presenter will be announced at the last show of this season in the beginning of june.

05.03.2005 Staraokes spring season starts

The fourth season of the highly succesfull Staraoke tv-show has started on MTV3-channel. There will be 10 new episodes, which will feature new finnish pop songs from the PopStaraoke-game.

15.01.2004 Staraoke screentest-tour starts

Intervisio arranges a screen test tour for the spring season of Staraoke tv-show together with Finland's biggest bookstore chain Suomalainen kirjakauppa. The host of the TV-show visits 5 bookstores around Finland with the production crew, searching for competitors for the tv-show in january.

03.01.2005 PopStaraoke charts at number 8

PopStaraoke has gotten to number 8 at the official finnish game chart in december. At the highly competitive christmas season this is a remarkable achievement, especially for a full price children's title.

07.12.2005 MTV3 has commissioned 10 new episodes of Staraoke

Finland's biggest TV network MTV3 has commissioned 10 new episodes of succesful Staraoke-series for spring 2005. The show will feature songs from the new PopStaraoke-game. This will be the fourth season of the show.

24.11.2004 Mobile community for gamers has opened a mobile community at Intervisio has built together with it's partner Small Planet Ltd a community where gamers can use discussion areas with their mobile phones. People can also write their own reviews.and give points for java-games they have purchased from the portal.

24.11.2004 confirmed for 2005

SubTV has commissioned 40 episodes of for 2005. The show will now air at wednesday latenight at SubTV, with a rerun on MTV3 on saturday and a rerun on SubTV on sunday. This will be the eight year of on air.

15.11.2004 Staraoke won the prize for the best finnish game product

Staraoke has won the game series at Mindtrek-multimedia festival at Tampere. The prize was 2000 euros. The game was also on the shortlist for the Mindtrek Grand Prix. Staraoke was also nominated as Finland's representative for World Summit Awards in Tunis, november 2005.

|  05.11.2004  PopStaraoke released

Intervisio has released a successor for the popular Staraoke-game. PopStaraoke is a children's PC-game which features finnish pop songs and a new game character "Elvis the Beaver".

14.10.2004 | opens a wap-portal

Finland's leading gaming media has opened a wap-portal (, which offers the gamers a possibility to read the latest gaming news and game reviews. Game enthusiasists can also download java-games from the portal.