The Advanced StopWatch/Timer. It is helpful for many endurance sport disciplines such as running, biking, rowing. Prepared for tabata, HIIT,  weight control, fat burning and any interval training. 

The analog view is convenient for fitness, the gym, weightlifting, CrossFit and circuit training. Also good for cooking, and a simple  housework - when you requires time tracking.


 • Large analog view , main stopwatch and three additional clock faces
 • Background work
 • Work in hold mode 
 • Wakes phone if necessary

 • Timer countdown/normal mode - for post-workout meal (cooking etc.)
 • Workout Stopwatch 
 • Interval Stopwatch with ANALOG VIEW
 • Lap times - each mode
 • Programmable Interface
 • For each part of complex training user can separately choose countdown/count up time measure
 • Separate lap list for each mode
 • Simple workout statistics 
 • Laps chart
 • Send laps data by mail