Jean Hervert Niemann

Traveling Tapestry Loom by Intertwined

This versatile, small loom was recently designed and is now being manufactured and offered for sale.   The loom is easy to use with very few moving parts, yet effective in what it can do.   It works well for tapestry, sampling and small projects.   The size and weight of the loom allows it to be easily used by the traveling weaver as well as the weaver who wants a take-along project for their lunch hour or for waiting for an appointment.

Have you ever used a frame loom for a special project or for sampling purposes just to be frustrated when you cannot adjust the tension? This loom was conceived to allow for easy tension control.   In anticipation of a long train trip to Convergence, I designed this lightweight loom to be small enough to fit in a book bag, yet be configured and constructed well enough to produce a quality woven product.   This loom is highly portable.   It is compact, very sturdy, lightweight, and a convenient size for small projects.

The loom weighs less than a pound (warped, including the brass comb/beater).   It is nine inches tall, ten inches wide, and is an inch thick.   It is well made of quality materials to stand the test of time.   All of the metal fasteners are corrosion resistant stainless steel and the top and bottom are northern hardwoods.   When warped as described in the instructions, this small loom can produce a finished product approximately 8 inches wide and 14 inches long.

An adjustable tension sets this loom apart from other small, lightweight looms.   This loom is designed with a tension that can easily be increased or decreased and can hold the tension required to produce a quality tapestry.   Also, it serves well as a sampling loom.   The top and bottom of the loom are scored every ½ inch so that it can be warped at a desired sett.   You are not tied into a particular sett as with a peg loom or a loom with a toothed edge or ridged heddle loom.   A wide range of small projects can be woven on the loom and it is easy enough to weave on that children can use it.

The Intertwined Traveling loom is appealing to both the beginner and the experienced weaver because of the combination of simplicity, craftsmanship, and effectiveness in design.

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