Jean Hervert Niemann


Intertwined's Tapestry Comb/Beater is a small, handheld tool for pressing the weft into place. It is designed to fit neatly in hand, with rounded corners for comfort. The teeth are set at 9 1/3 to the inch. The large hole allows the beater to be hung on a ribbon or string and worn around the neck. This keeps the tool from being dropped or lost. Choose either brass or aluminum. Brass is heavier and has a solid feeling. Aluminum is less than 1/2 of the weight of brass, however the material is just as thick and is strong enough to pack the weft into place.

Price: $22 each plus shipping and handling. Order Here

The weaving needle is six inches long with a large eye and a blunt tip. It can be used threaded, to weave in long runs of weft or used as a tool to "flip" weft in place when a short run (less that 4 inches) of weft is to be woven in.

Price: $5 each plus shipping and handling. Order Here

updated 4-5-16