Human Resources

Human resources are the most important asset that IDC has.  Every member of IDC has a role to play and a way to contribute to the success of our ventures.  Let's work together to accomplish those goals but at the same time remember to have fun.



Especially in the early days of the game, members of IDC will be called on to donate resources to the company.  Exactly what those resources are remains to be seen.  If there is a money system built into the game, IDC may ask you to donate some.   Evens something as simple as a spare roll of duck tape adds to the resources we can leverage.  Such contributions will be voluntary, but recorded and noted.  Those who contribute more will be given higher consideration for advancement and benefits.

Beyond in-game contributions, IDC also values the contribution of your time, talents, and skills.  Your idea for a mining system or  a cool mod for a spaceship might be the basis for our next product success.

Intellectual Property

Beyond what ever resources we manage to gather in the game, intellectual property (IP) will be our greatest asset.  IP includes designs, building instructions, conceptual drawings and diagrams, custom software, etc. It's up to us to protect these assets by not posting them or making them available carelessly.  Some things will be difficult to protect once we start selling them.  There is no way that we know of to prevent some other clever person from stealing an idea or copying a design.  Hopefully, the gaming public will regard them with shame once the theft is known.

Given that we consider our own property to be valuable, it's important that we respect the IP of other groups as well.  Please don't copy proprietary software, designs, etc. from other groups.  However, if it is posted or made available publicly - it's fair game for use and improvement.  If you are expanding on someone else posted ideas, please credit the original contributor.  Credit were it  is due.

Mutual Respect

IDC is based on shared principles and values.  As such, it is important that we treat each other with the respect they deserve.  Racial, cultural, gender, ageist, etc. slurs will not be tolerated.

Arbitrating Disputes

Inevitably, arguments arise between creative people.  Creative arguments and criticism are good things.  Flaming is not.  Arguments and disputes that cannot be resolved between the people involved should be brought to IDC management for resolution.  The Chief Technology Officer (mjn) is the ultimate point of arbitration.  His decision, after input from all involved, is final.

Dual Faction Membership

IDC discourages it's members from joining (or creating) other factions, guilds, fleets, or corporations.  It is the belief of IDC that a member with divided loyalties is less likely to be benefit any faction he (or she) belongs to.  Members found to be acting directly against the interests of IDC will be dismissed from the corporation.  Members found to have conflicts of interest will be reviewed by the management team.


The following conditions are sufficient for immediate dismissal from IDC:
  • Leaking confidential information to other factions or the game public.
  • Interfering with IDC resource, manufacturing, or other operations.
  • Attacking or killing a fellow IDC member.
  • Instigating or causing conflict with other game factions.
The following situations will result in a review and possible dismissal:
  • Theft of intellectual property from other factions.
  • Flaming, trolling, or griefing other game players.
Dismissal will result in the loss of all IDC member benefits, being banned from all IDC sites, and generally shunned by other members.  Don't let this happen to YOU!

Membership Benefits

Benefits for participation in and contributing IDC are not completely defined at this time.  Much will depend on how successful the company is in the game.  The faster we rise to a position of prominence and wealth, the sooner will will be capable of granting rewards and benefits.


IDC shall, from time to time, recognize significant contributions with advancements in the company.  Currently, there are ten grades in the company ranging from Level 1 (the CTO) to Level 10 (apprentices and the like).  This system may be changed in the future to allow for finer advancement grades.  Your grade level will influence the benefits you receive from IDC, though one time bonuses for significant accomplishments may also be given.

Storage Lockers

After IDC becomes established as an in-game organization, a base of operations will be created.  While it is not clear if this base will be on the surface of a planet or part of a space station, it will be a central point of resource collection.  As a member benefit, storage lockers will also be made available for players to store unused personal items and valuables.  Storage lockers are a way to prevent your valuables from being lost to pirates or accidents in space.


The following member rewards are under consideration.  Please do not assume that they will be granted, they are just ideas at this point:
  • Cash bonuses - assumes that money exists and we have it to give.
  • Ship Upgrades - trade in your current ship for an improved model.
  • Equipment bonuses - how would you like a nice blaster for your ship?
  • Storage - a safe place to store your own, private loot and valuables.
  • Use of Tools - assuming we got them, we might make them available to you.
Rewards  will be distributed on a merit basis.  The more you contribute to the success of IDC, the more likely you will be to get something back.