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America has a heavily used highway infrastructure

Constant upgrading may delay your travel in certain areas. The interstate 5 highway runs from the USA / Canada border to the USA / Mexico border. The states of Washington, Oregon and California are all included in the highway system. Weather conditions can vary from state to state. Be aware of fog, snow and other hazards that may effect your travel. If a highway accident or incident occurs try to keep a lane open for emergency and police vehicles. The faster they can respond, the faster they can clear the highway and make your driving experience better. Report unusual or problematic driving conditions. Dangerous drivers are a hazard on the road for everyone. If vehicles are acting erratic or not following the normal flow of traffic, this could indicate an impaired driver. Having a driving license is a privilege and not a "God given right" as some drivers think. I5CAM hopes you find our resources useful and add us to bookmark or favorites.

State troopers are professional drivers

and may cruise at a higher than normal flow speed. They are more than likely needed somewhere even if they are not displaying their lights or siren. Give them the respect and attention they deserve. Many have had to tell a parent or loved one of an incident where a family member has been lost. Not an easy or nice chore.Drive safe everyone. Race tracks are built for high speed testing and racing. Not the interstate highways.

Live traffic cameras for interstate 5 U.S.A.

Use government installed cameras to check local highway conditions. Quick link to State troopers by clicking on their emblem. Some highway cameras may need you to install an updated window player. Caltrans provides these live traffic cameras for you to check current highway conditions. Avoid possible hwy blockage or slow downs in traffic. I5cam provides these resources for the motoring public and law enforcement. The web site is mobile device friendly.

I5CAM provides link to resources. Select your view of interest to obtain more information and local camera. Note that not all cameras use the same software and updates may be needed to view different cameras.

Selection of web browsers will also display cameras differently. Your ISP (internet service provider) speed will also affect ease of viewing the cameras. Check you speed here

California Traffic Cameras

Central California Traffic cams (map)

North Western Traffic cams (all district 1 snapshots)

North eastern Traffic cams (district 2)

Arroyo Grande


Paso Robles

Pismo Beach


Sacramento-Tahoe Traffic cams


Santa Barbara

San Bernardino- Riverside counties (requires Java to be installed. Java runs on millions of devices)

Santa Maria

Stockton cams

Santa Cruz (map and cameras)

San Francisco-Oakland Bay (District 4) Live. Note not all cameras are always functioning.

San Luis Obispo (live cam may need plugin installed)