1st Call for Project Proposals

The 3rd Phase: Quality Assessment of the Project Proposals submitted under the 1st Call is under way. Results are expected by the end of February.

Announcement of administrative and eligibility check of 1st Call Project Proposals

The 1st Call for Project Proposals is now open!

Deadline for applications is 26 April 2016.

Applicants are invited to submit their Project Proposals targeting one of the Specific Objectives of the Programme between 16 December 2015 and 15 April 2016.

The Programme accepts applications under both Priority Axes:

  • Priority Axis 1: Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Priority Axis 2: Environment

The Terms of Reference are available for dowload here »

The Application Package is available for download here » 

The Application Package consists of the Application Form (Excel worksheet) and its guide, the Application Documents, as well as the Project Selection Ceiteria, the Programme Manual and the Project Implementation Manual.

In order to draft their proposals, it is imperative for applicants to study carefully all Programme documents, including the Cooperation Programme and the Programme Manual, as well as the specific documents related to the Call. Applicants should send their questions electronically to the emails ntatari@mou.gr and tchatzikonstantinou@mou.gr. All questions will be grouped and the answers will be uploaded at the BalkanMed Programme's websites here and here

ATTENTION: A new updated and enhanced version of the Application Form for the 1st Call for Project Proposals, with changes mainly in the sizes of the boxes and dealing with minor bugs, is now available. 

You are encouraged to use the new version of the Application Form.  

Updated version of the Application Form*
* Please don't forget to activate the macros. You may find analytical description at the FAQ section

Enhanced version of the Specification of Budget Form (with available use of AutoFilter in MS Excel for Project Partner 6)