Internships: Scholarly and Academic Articles About Internships: Part Three


Internships: Scholarly and Academic Articles About Internships: Part  Three


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The current use of the university-affiliated internship option

by universities/colleges approved

by the American Music Therapy Association

Miller, Karen E; Kahler, Edward P.

Music therapy perspectives





Enhancing the Educational Value of Business Internships.

Clark, Sue Campbell.

Journal of Management Education

27.4(Aug 2003):472-484




Doctoral school psychology internships

in nonschool settings in the United States

Brown, Michael B; Bolen, Larry M; Kissell, Susan.

School Psychology International

24.4(Nov 2003):394-404




Trends in industry supervisors' feedback

on business communication internships

Sapp, D A; Zhang, Q.

Business Communication Quarterly





Evaluation of Preservice Teachers' Internships:

A Model to Encourage Career Continuity and Program Reform    

Good, Jennifer M; Weaver, Andrew.

Educational Assessment, Evaluation and Accountability

17.3(Sep 2003):263-275




Psychopharmacology training in psychology internships:

A brief curriculum

Dunivin, Debra Lina; Southwell, Gary D.

Professional Psychology : Research and Practice

31.6(Dec 2000):610-614




Multicultural issues encountered in the supervision

of music therapy internships in the United States and Canada

Young, Laurel.

The Arts in psychotherapy





Establishing Cooperative Competency-based Internships

for Parks and Recreation Students

Hurd, A R; Schlatter, B E.

Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

(Apr 2007):




Assessing the role of internships in the career-oriented

employment of graduating college students   

Callanan, Gerard; Benzing, Cynthia.

Education and Training





Ms. Smith goes to Washington:

Feminist internships in the nation's capital

Bennett, Nichole M.

Feminist Teacher





Mead Corporation's creative approach to internships:

Success in a unionized manufacturing plant

Roever, Carol.

Business Communication Quarterly

63.1(Mar 2000):90-100




Ignored Data on the Development of Psychology Internships

Carifio, Michael S; Grace, William C.

The American Psychologist

47.3(Mar 1992):428




Implementing the Training Values Statement

Addressing Diversity in University Counseling Center Internships

Illfelder-Kaye, Joyce; Lese-Fowler, Karen;

Bursley, Kevin; Reyes, Elizabeth; Bieschke, Kathleen J.

The Counseling Psychologist

37.5(July 2009):721-743




One-Year Teaching Internships and the Dimensions

of Beginning Teacher Development

Bullough, Robert V Jr; Young, Janet; Draper, Roni Jo.

Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice





Handbook for Research in Cooperative Education and Internships   

Anderson-Cook, Christine M.

Journal of the American Statistical Association

99.467(Sep 2004):908




Maximizing the Potential of Internships in Gerontology and Geriatrics

Karasik, Rona J.

Gerontology and Geriatrics Education





Making the Most of Instructional Technology Internships.

Johari, Abbas; Bradshaw, Amy C; Aguilar, Don.

Performance Improvement

41.1(January 2002):19-25




Business Internships in Latin America:

Issues in Cross-Cultural Adjustment.

Gonzalez, Ann.


76.4(Dec 1993):892-901




A Model for Supervising Undergraduate Internships.

Blanton, P Gregg.

Teaching of Psychology

28.3(July 2001):217-219




Lessons from the field:

Socialization issues in writing and editing internships

Gaitens, Judi.

Business Communication Quarterly

63.1(Mar 2000):64-76




Competencies Required for Successful

Business Education Internships.

Richerson, Ginny; Joyner, Randy L.

Business Education Forum

53.4(April 1999):22-25




Training in Religion/Spirituality

Within APA-Accredited Psychology Predoctoral Internships

Russell, Stephen R; Yarhouse, Mark A.

Professional Psychology : Research and Practice

37.4(Aug 2006):430-436




Recruiting The Next Generation Of Marriage And Family Therapists

Through Undergraduate Internships   

Prouty, Anne M; Johnson, Scott; Protinsky, Howard O, Jr.

Journal of Marital and Family Therapy

26.1(Jan 2000):47-50




Are Universities Reaping the Available Benefits

Internship Programs Offer?

Weible, Rick.

Journal of Education for Business





One Piece in the Child Welfare Puzzle:

An Evaluation of Alabama Public Child Welfare

Internships and Subsequent Employment

Seroka, Carolyn; Zugazaga, Carole.

The Journal of Baccalaureate Social Work

13.2(Apr 2008):83-96




Enhancing the educational value of business internships

Sue Campbell Clark.

Journal of Management Education

27.4(Aug 2003):472-484




Lessons from the Field:

Socialization Issues in Writing and Editing Internships.

Gaitens, Judi.

Business Communication Quarterly

63.1(March 2000):64-76




White Teachers' Learning about Diversity and "Otherness":

The Effects of Undergraduate International Education

Internships on Subsequent Teaching Practices.

Roose, Deborah.

Equity and Excellence in Education

34.1(Apr 2001):43-49




The 'Generation Internship': graduate internships –

an opportunity or a burden?

Kirchler, Erich; Kastlunger, Barbara; Braunger, Paul.

WISO30.3(Oct 2007):153-168




Internships behind Bars: An Educational Challenge in Texas.

Edmondson, Stacy; Fisher, Alice.

Journal of Correctional Education

54.1(Mar 2003):24-26




Internships: Theory in Practice

Sikorski, Henry. Aitia:

Philosophy-Humanities Magazine





Job analysis of psychology internships

in counseling center settings

Ross, R R; Altmaier, E M.

Journal of counseling psychology





Effective Internships:

Building Bridges between Theory and Practice

Cunningham, William G; Sherman, Whitney H.

Educational Forum





Internships in Psychology:

The APAGS Workbook for Writing Successful Applications

and Finding the Right Match   

Lewis, Stephen P.

Canadian Psychology

45.3(Aug 2004):247-249.




Principal Internships:

Five Tips for a Successful and Rewarding Experience.

Gray, Teresa I.

Phi Delta Kappan

82.9(May 2001):663-665




Mentor-protege diversity and its impact

on international internship experiences    

Feldman, Daniel C; Folks, William R; Turnley, William H.

Journal of Organizational Behavior

20.5(Sep 1999):597-611




Seagle, E. E., et al.

Internships In Recreation And Leisure Services:

A Practical Guide For Students.

State College, PA: Venture Publishing Inc., 1992.

Lengfelder, J.

Journal of Sport Management

10(Oct 1996):463-464




Internships Within Political Science

Hindmoor, Andrew.

Australian Journal of Political Science

45.3(Sep 2010):483-490




Oral Competency of ESL Technical Students

in Workplace Internships

Myles, Johanne.

TESL-EJ: Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language

13.1(Jun 2009) 




Clinical Internships in Geropsychology: From Applying to Matching and Beyond    

Yarry, S; McCallum, T J.

The Gerontologist

48(Oct 2008) 




Teaching MPA Internships Built on Reflection in Practice

Cross, Jeanne; Grant, Nancy.

Journal of Public Affairs Education –

J-PAE12.1(Jan 2006):19-31




Learning to Work with Emotions During an Internship

Stitts, D Kathleen.

Business Communication Quarterly

69.4(Dec 2006):446-449




Understanding student learning

in undergraduate information studies internships

Brown, Cecelia M; Murphy, Teri J.

Journal of education for library and information science





Teaching social theory through students' participant-observation:  


Silver, I; Perez, G.

Teaching sociology





Practical Pedagogy: Criminal Justice Internships:

Integrating The Academic With The Experimental

Parilla, Peter F; Smith-Cunnien, Susan L.

Journal of Criminal Justice Education

8.2(Fall 1997):225-241




Internships in China: A Report from the Field.

Yang, Jane Parish.

ADFL Bulletin

34.3(Apr 2003):30-33




Internship and the Nova Scotia Government experience   

Dodge, R Bruce; McKeough, Mary.

Education and Training





Internships as Commencement: Mathematics

and Science Research Experiences as Catalysts

for Preservice Teacher Professional Development.

Langford, Karen; Huntley, Mary Ann.

Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education





The value of a pre-internship observation experience :


Darling, R B.

Teaching sociology





Extending the Boundaries of Teacher Education

Through Corporate Internships

Clark, R J.

Journal of teacher education





Internships in Community Health Education/Promotion

Professional Preparation Programs.

Cottrell, Randall R; Wagner, Donald I.

Health Education

21.1(January 1990):30-33




Assessing Principal Internships and Habits of Mind:

The Use of Journey Mapping to Enhance Reflection

Cooner, Donna; Dickmann, Ellyn.

Innovate: Journal of Online Education

2.4(April 2006):5




Academic internships with the equal employment opportunity commission:

An experiential approach to teaching human resource management

Elkins, Teri J.

S.A.M. Advanced Management Journal

67.3(Summer 2002):40-47




Linking the Academy to the Community through Internships:

A Model of Service Learning, Student Empowerment,

and Transformative Education

Angelique, Holly L.

Sociological Practice

3.1(March 2001):37-53




Internship hours: Proposing a national standard

Bartle, Diana D; Rodolfa, Emil R.

Professional Psychology : Research and Practice

30.4(Aug 1999):420-422




Undergraduate Geography Internships in the United States:

National Survey and Case Study.

Sublett, Michael D; Mattingly, Paul F.

Journal of Geography in Higher Education

19.2(July 1995):240-250




Institutional Design of Public Service Internships:

Conceptual, Academic and Structural Problems.

Alexander, James R.

Teaching Political Science

9.3(April 1982):127-133




Understanding School Counseling Internships

from a Communities of Practice Framework

Woodside, Marianne; Ziegler, Mary; Paulus, Trena M.

Counselor Education and Supervision

49.1(September 2009):20-38




Designing Principal Preparation Internships

to Strengthen School Leadership

Risen, D Michael; Tripses, Jenny S.

AASA Journal of Scholarship and Practice

5.3(October 2008):4-10




Determinants of Internship Effectiveness:

An Exploratory Model

Narayanan, V K; Olk, Paul M; Fukami, Cynthia V.

Academy of Management Learning and Education

9.1(Mar 2010):




The transmission of professional knowledge in medical practice.

A case study of internships with practitioners

Bloy, Géraldine.

Revue française des affaires socials

59.1(Jan 2005):103-125




Data-driven assessment of teacher candidates

during their internships in deaf education.

Roberson, Len; Woolsey, M Lynn;

Seabrooks, Janice; Williams, Gwen.

American annals of the deaf





Psychopharmacology training in psychology internships:

A brief curriculum

Dunivin, Debra Lina; Southwell, Gary D.

Professional Psychology : Research and Practice

31.6(Dec 2000):610-614




Current status and anticipated changes in psychology internships:

effects on counseling psychology training

Boggs, K R; Douce, L A.

Counseling Psychologist

28.5(September 2000):672-686





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