Internships: Scholarly and Academic Articles About Internships: Part Six


Internships: Scholarly and Academic Articles About Internships: Part  Six


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An Adult Education Internship

in a Division of Continuing Education.

Barta, Kathleen M.

Journal of Continuing Higher Education

40.3(October 1992):41-47




Working with the Elderly:

A One-Year Internship Training Program

Combining Practice and Theory

Dubney, Liselotte.

Journal of Applied Gerontology

9.1(Mar 1990):118-128




Perceptions of Multicultural Training in Predoctoral Internship Programs:

A Survey of Interns and Training Directors

Magyar-Moe, Jeana L; Jennifer Teramoto Pedrotti;

Edwards, Lisa M; Alicia Ito Ford.

Professional Psychology : Research and Practice

36.4(Aug 2005):446-450




Internship and initial job placements in counseling psychology:

a 26-year retrospective

Neimeyer, G J; Bowman, J; Stewart, A E.

Counseling Psychologist

29.5(September 2001):763-780




Applying Wilber's All Quadrant, All Level (AQAL)

Integral approach to sport management internship curricula

Spence, Kirsty K.

International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing

4.2/3(Jun 4, 2008):295




Music Therapy Internship Supervisors and Preinternship Students:

A Comparative Analysis of Questionnaires

Knight, Andrew J.

Journal of Music Therapy

45.1(Spring 2008):75-92




The Second National Survey of U.S. Internship Standards

in Health Education Professional Preparation: 15 Years Later

Rojas-Guyler, Liliana; Cottrell, Randall; Wagner, Donald.

American Journal of Health Education

37.4(Jul 2006):226-232




Dissertation while on internship:

Obstacles and predictors of progress

Krieshok, Thomas S; Lopez, Shane J; Somberg, Daniel R;

Cantrell, Peggy J.

Professional Psychology : Research and Practice

31.3(Jun 2000):327-331




Mentoring and Administrative Opportunities:

Reflections on an Internship

Werner, Barbara Lynn.

Feminist Collections

24.3-4(Spring 2003):1




Internship training in marriage and family therapy:

A survey of doctoral program

objectives and implementation    

Ivey, David C; Wampler, Karen S.

Journal of Marital and Family Therapy

26.3(Jul 2000):385-9




Social dual-role relationships during internship:

A decision-making model

Burian, Barbara K; Ann O'Connor Slimp.

 Professional Psychology : Research and Practice

31.3(Jun 2000):332-338




Internship and consulting engagements:

Management of the university's liability

Peak, Daniel A; O'Hara, Michael J.

Journal of Managerial Issues

11.1(Spring 1999):56-76




Public Relations Internship System Evaluation:

Criteria and a Preliminary Instrument.

Gibson, Dirk C.

Public Relations Review

24.1(Apr 1998):67-82




Internship training: Do models really matter?

Rodolfa, Emil R; Stewart, Alan E; Kaslow, Nadine J;

Keilin, W Gregory; Baker, Jeff.

Professional Psychology : Research and Practice

36.1(Feb 2005):25-31




A Two Stage Evaluation Of A Sport Psychology Internship

Weigand, D.

Journal of Sport Behavior

22(Mar 1999):83-104




A clinical internship model for the nurse practitioner programme

Lee, Geraldine A; Fitzgerald, Les.

Nurse Education in Practice

8.6(November 2008):397-404




Preliminary Examination and Measurement

of the Internship Research Training Environment

Phillips, Julia C; Szymanski, Dawn M;

Ozegovic, Jelena Jovanovic; Briggs-Phillips, Melissa.

Journal of Counseling Psychology

51.2(April 2004):240-248




Linking Classroom Theory to Professional Practice:

The Internship as a Practical Learning Experience

Worthy of Academic Credit

Young, D S; Baker, R E.

Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

(Jan 2004) 




An exploratory survey on empirically supported treatments:

Implications for internship training

Hays, Kimberly A; Rardin, David K; Jarvis, Paul A;

Taylor, Nicole M.

Professional Psychology : Research and Practice

33.2(Apr 2002):207-211




Internship placement data: Is nonplacement the only concern? :

Reprioritizing the role of science in a realistic version

of the Scientist-Practitioner Model

Oehlert, Mary E; Sumerall, Scott W; Lopez, Shane J;

Merkley, Katherine B.

Journal of clinical psychology





Medical Internship as Moral Education:

An Essay on the System of Training Physicians

Groopman, Leonard C.

Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry

11.2(June 1987):207-




Benefits of the Business College Internship:

A Research Review

Knouse, Stephen B; Fontenot, Gwen.

Journal of Employment Counseling

45.2(June 2008):61




Post-notification day perceptions of unplaced internship

applicants and their academic training directors:

Recommendations for improving future internship

selection processes

Constantine, Madonna G; Keilin, W Gregory;

Litwinowicz, Joseph Jr; Romanus, Thomas W.

Professional Psychology : Research and Practice

28.4(Aug 1997):387-392




Internship Models for Applied Sociology

in the Design Fields

Korllos, Thomas S.

Journal of Applied Sociology





Examination of a Paradigm for Preparing Undergraduates

for a Career in the Retailing Industries:

Mentors, Curriculum, and an Internship

Wesley, Scarlett C; Bickle, Marianne C.

College Student Journal

39.4(Dec 2005):680-691




Preliminary examination and measurement

of the Internship Research Training Environment

Phillips, Julia C; Szymanski, Dawn M;

Ozegovic, Jelena Jovanovic; Briggs-phillips, Melissa.

Journal of counseling psychology





Observations about the Value of a Legislative Internship

Sterns, James A; Manley, Kathy;

Olexa, Michael T; Fairchild, Gary; Wysocki, Allen F.

NACTA Journal49.2(Jun 2005):23-26




The Relative Importance of Individual and Organizational Factors

for the Prevention of Job Stress during Internship:

A Nationwide and Prospective Study

Tyssen, Reidar; Vaglum, Per; Gronvold, Nina T;

Ekeberg, Oivind.

Medical Teacher

27.8(December 2005):726-731




Can an ADN Internship Program Prepare New RNs

for Careers in Home Health Care Nursing?

Findings from an Evaluation Study

at Visiting Nurse Service of New York

Rosenfeld, Peri; Chaya, Joan;

Lewis-Holman, Seon; Davin, Denise.

Home Health Care Management and Practice

(Jun 2010):254-261




Internship directors' valuation of preinternship preparation

in test-based assessment and psychotherapy

Stedman, James M; Hatch, John P; Schoenfeld, Lawrence S.

Professional Psychology : Research and Practice

32.4(Aug 2001):421-424




One Piece of the Workforce Puzzle: Internship Programs   

Mirvis, Kenneth; Lejeune, Jeanne; Nelson, Glennis;

Post, Arlene; Proctor, Lynn; et al.

American Water Works Association. Journal

100.6(Jun 2008):36-38,40,42




An Integration of Values:

Teaching the Internship Course in a Liberal Arts Environment.

Watson, Kittie W.

Communication Education

41.4(October 1992):429-439




A Family Therapy Internship in a Multidisciplinary Healthcare Setting:

Trainees' and Supervisor's Reflections.

Gawinski, Barbara A; Edwards, Todd M; Speice, Jenny.

Journal of Marital and Family Therapy

25.4(Oct 1999):469-484




The Gender Salary Gap:

Do Academic Achievement, Internship Experience,

and College Major Make a Difference?

Fuller, Rex; Schoenberger, Richard.

Social Science Quarterly

72.4(Dec 1991):715




Credentials and clinical activities of internship supervisors

in neuropsychology: a comparison of VA

and non-VA training sites.

Ryan, J J; Paolo, A M.

Archives of clinical neuropsychology :

the official journal of the

National Academy of Neuropsychologists

5.1 (Jan 01, 1990): 69-75




A Case of Long-Term Internship in Foreign Library:

Report on the Internship Project of Harvard-Yenching Library

Egami, Toshinori.

Journal of College and University Libraries

84 (December 2008): 47-55




Enticing Internship Graduates to Stay in Your Health Region


Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research

67.3 (Fall 2006): P6.




Internship Preceptors Perceptions and Use of the Nutrition Care Process


American Dietetic Association.

Journal of the American Dietetic Association

108.9 (Sep 2008):




The Intern and the Internship: From Beginning to End.

Koehler, Cortus T.

Teaching Political Science

7.3 (Apr 1980): 329-335.




Northern Health's Experience

with UBC's New Dietetic Internship Model


Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research

68.3 (Fall 2007): S8.




Erikson's life span theory:

A metaphor for conceptualizing the internship year

Guinee, James P.

Professional Psychology : Research and Practice

29.6 (Dec 1998): 615-620.





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