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Acting is a theater piece in which Diego and Siân try to act. During the performance, they ask themselves about self-confidence and self-consciousness, improvisation and preparedness. Volunteers are invited to come on stage in an attempt to help the discussion, and there are more experiments with the aim of appearing more 'natural', always with dubious results. Towards the end of the piece, one question remains hanging: Would the world be different if it was more embracing of shyness?

Written and directed by Siân Robinson Davies and Diego Chamy.
With Siân Robinson Davies as Siân, Diego Chamy as Diego, Robert Bidder as Robert the Puppet, Peter Walsh as Peter, Thom Walker as Thom, Frances Scott as the dog owner and Blue Dog as Blue Dog.
Sound and lights: Nathan Thomas
With thanks to Emma Leach.
Performed at the Horsebridge Performance Space. Whitstable Biennale.
September 1st & 2nd, 2012

Text: It is a Neurological Condition by Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau. A story inspired by Acting. Download the PDF