Website Credibility

When writing a paper, or finding information for anything really, you want to make sure you are using a credible website. How can you tell what websites are honest?
  • Think about when it was written/published? Is it recently? If so, that probably means it is credible.
  • Who wrote your website? Is the author qualified? It also helps to look for an "about us page" and evaluate it.
  • Websites containing .edu or .gov are usually credible, they don't try to sell anything usually, just facts.
  • If the website has a works cited page or shows resources it is probably credible as well. Make sure the information is correct by checking with other websites. 
  • Check the URL to make sure it isn't just very similar to a credible website name, (ex. Yahoo and Yohoo.) 
  • My last tip is to see if the spelling and grammar is correct throughout.