10 Common Sense Tips

There are MANY things you need to know about internet safety, but here are 10 that I find extremely important.
  • 1.Never give your real name, address, or phone number to anyone. Remember, if someone asks for this kind of information, just don't respond.
  • 2.Always make sure the person you talk to is credible if going to meet them in the real world. Ask a parent if you're a kid.
  • 3. Make sure to not steal someones work! Copyright is important and don't violate the law!
          4. Never open an e-mail from a stranger. It might contain viruses or spamming.
          5. Don't put personal information in your screen names.
          6. Make passwords hard to hack and always log out after you leave a terminal.
          7. Don't trust ads that offer things for "free" or say "you're a winner" because they want personal information.
          8. If buying something online, know exactly what is happening and what you are buying.
          9. Set up rules with your parents or teachers to keep you safe.
         10. Be mindful of what you say online, it never goes away!