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Web Hosting Solution - Free or Paid???   by Stella Pike


It is quite difficult to judge which one is better choice to host your website. If you are planning to start a business and you want to have one website that shows all products and service you offered then you must need some web hosting server space to host your website and big confusion come across you when you heard about Free Hosting. You will think if I get a free web hosting space then why should I pay to host my website?

This article will help you in judge what is good and what is better for your business. Your decision will make your business to the top or down to the earth. This is most important point to discuss because you will get more customers through your website and also get good business exposure.

If you are planning to start your business and if you did some search in search engine then you find everything free starting from free domain name, free web hosting space, free bandwidth, free email address, free ftp accounts, etc. One question will arise in your mind that if I get free hosting then why should I pay?

If you search through any search engine you will find hundred plus free web hosting and free domain Provider Company. You must ask your self some simple questions Why they provide free hosting service and why other charge from same service? How they will make money to run their business? What is the reason for providing free hosting space?

Ask these types of question to your self and try to find out the answer. This is the simple rule "If you want to buy, you have to pay the price", nothing will come free. Most of free web hosting companies make their way to earn from you. Some free web hosting companies will charge too much for extra bandwidth usage, they do not mention this cost.

Some free web hosting companies place their company banner on your website or popup windows will open when some try to access your website. By this way they advertise their product and service. That's why they provide free hosting service.

Now paid web hosting provide will charge you for using their service and they are responsible for their service. With paid hosting service you can select the best suitable plan for your website and you have your own website identity, no advertising, no banner adds, no popup. Also you will get service you paid for.

Paid web hosting companies have clearly mentioned all features that will be available with the price. Also they clearly mentioned extra usage charges of bandwidth and web space. With paid hosting you can expect better service and better support. They will monitor performance of web server 24 hours and if server was down they will take quick steps to resolve errors. So, they are responsible for smooth running of your website.

Web hosting is quite competitive market and if you search around then you will find cheap web hosting service. Its not mean that cheap web hosting provider always provide cheap service. Here I am going to give your one reference website that provide
Linux Web Hosting service at affordable rate with excellent connectivity and customer support. If you are looking for India based web hosting company then click on this link : Web Hosting India

Web Hosting Directory is also good place to find Web Hosting Provider

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