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Understanding adsense

The primary focus is making money with the Google ad applications: the AdSense and AdWords programs. These programs are closely related to Google's searching technology. AdSense ads are placed on your web site depending on the context of your site (in other words, Google's analysis of how your site is likely to be found). And AdWords ads are targeted using keywords and phrases the same keywords and phrases used when searching for something with Google.

take a look at the success stories which gives you the in-depth view of the Google AdSense . You can view these case studies at https://www.google.com/adsense/success.

This page explains the details of how to work with the Google AdSense program. Once you know how to work , you can start making money from your web sites by placing Google's ad code in your web pages.

Apply to google adsense program and fill up the form

the main aspect in the form is providing the website address

Google will review the web site address you provide for compliance with the content policies of the AdSense program . It is not unusual for Google to reject web sites for noncompliance with content provisions of the AdSense policies; the prohibitions range from excessive advertising content through adult content, content about hacking, and content using excessive profanity.

It is permissible to use one Google AdSense account across multiple web addresses. If you are maintaining half a dozen sites

This leads to the possible scenario of submitting one URL for acceptance into the program and eventually placing AdSense ads on noncompliant sites. You could probably get away with doing this for a while, but it is a bad idea. If you are caught, Google will most likely terminate your entire account.

The best approach is to apply for a separate account for any web site with questionable content. That way, you are aboveboard. If Google accepts the account application, it can have no beef with you because of the content. If Google rejects the application, then try other vendors as mentioned in the previous page

Setting Account Options

You will be notified by email that your AdSense application has been accepted. Once you've been accepted into the AdSense program, you can modify your initial account options using the Account Settings page. To open that page, just click the My Account tab once you have logged into AdSense.

Ad Type Preference

Besides the account options you set in your application, the Account Settings page is used to set global preferences for whether you want to display text ads only or both text and images. This Ad Type Preference option sets your global default; you can override your choice when you specify options for a block of Google ad code that will be placed on a particular page.

Text ads are the delivery format of most of Google's contextual advertising. Some content owners may want to avoid image ads because they can clutter sites and may work to the detriment of content. ,else if you want to use Google's CPM advertising program uses image ads; so if you'd like the possibility of displaying Google CPM ads (which pay when they are displayed and not when they are clicked), you'll need to allow image ads on your site.

Filing Tax Information

Filing appropriate tax information forms with Google is really part of the account application process, and your account won't be activated until you file these forms.

If you are operating as a sole proprietorship under your own social security number, you will need to file an IRS form W-9 with Google.

if you are a national other than US no need to bother about this headache

Reviewing Payment History

The Payment History link on the Account Settings page opens a display of your earnings and payment history. Although it's reasonable to want to know how much money one is owed

Premium Service for AdSense

High-volume sites deserve more service. According to Google, if your site receives more than 5 million search queries, or 20 million content page views per month, you are eligible for AdSense premium service. To apply, fill out and submit the form you will find at http://services.google.com/ads_inquiry/.

The benefits of the AdSense premium service include:

Access to technical and sales support

A greater variety of customizable ad formats than standard AdSense offers

Assistance with ad optimization

Sophisticated filtering options

More ways to make money from ads than standard AdSense offers

AdSense for Content & AdSense for search

Google AdSense provides two programs you can use to make money from your web content:

AdSense for Content

AdSense for Search

These are different programs and work in different ways. AdSense Content places ads on your web pages, similar to the ad unit , and you make money when a site visitor clicks on the ad.With AdSense Search, you put a Google search box, on your site The AdSense search box displays Google search results when a user enters a query. These search results show relevant ads. You receive a portion of the revenue generated when a visitor uses your search box and then clicks on an ad from the search results returned by Google

which one to use AdSense Content or AdSense Search?

Is AdSense Content or AdSense Search right for your site? It's hard to say, and there's very little reason not to try both to see which works best.
From a general viewpoint, AdSense Content works best on destination sites. If visitors to your site tend to linger a while, and regard your site as conferring some authority on the ads you present, then AdSense Content will probably work well.

On the other hand, if your site is a way station leading toward further information (usually on other sites), then it is probable that visitors will frequently use AdSense search if it is available on your site, and this program may make you quite a bit of money