Top 7 ways to drive traffic to your site

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For the newbies to the internet and for new webmasters who try to make money through internet, the biggest problem they face is to drive traffic to their site.To understand know the page rank algorithm

  1. wirte as many articles as you can, just put your site address every where in the article just mention it once. in the reference section or in the signature box or mention it any where in the article only once, as many articles you write the better the page rank

  2. Index in all possible web directories as you can .many directories only accept if they have a reciprocal link. create a seperate page for the links and list their links there in this way you can increase your page rank better

  3. Create blogs for your site. remember to increase the page rank your url should be listed in as many differnet pages as it can be

  4. Submit your url to asmany search engines as it can be.there are some sites which submit your sites to various search engines at one go such as submit express. you can find such kind of sites by googling

  5. Adwords is another best way to increase traffic to your site , using adwords you can reach upto 80% of people over internet. you can also try other CPC programs but adwords is the best

  6. if you are creating multiple sites or you have multiple sites try to list all the sites urls in each of the site , this also increases the page rank for all the sites

  7. best of the above, chose the topic of your site, google it, you will find 100s of results.copy the url from the 1st hit and regoogle it, you will find the various sites and places where that specific url is listed and what made it to be in the highest of the list. you can easily follow the steps to be in the top of the list