Top 10 Viral Marketing Tips

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Top 10 Viral Marketing Tips   by Andrew Azorbo

Using viral marketing online can give you a significant advantage due to the exponential growth possible. Used properly you can build brands, increase traffic, build lists and create a huge amount of good will towards your product or service.

Used incorrectly and you could be perceived to be spamming your users or get less that optimal results from your campaigns.

The article will cover some basic tips to help you ensure you have a checklist to work with.

  • Clear goals of the campaign. Make sure you have specific goals with you campaign this will affect the type of viral marketing you may want to pursue.
  • Stay in tune with your target audience. The type of viral marketing activities you do will greatly depend on your consumers taste so make sure you are aligned with these.
  • Show your brand. This may be the first contact you make with a prospect so make sure what you are promoting is clear and visible.
  • Measure your results. If you don't track the results then there is no way of knowing how successful this is. Define your success criteria and track accordingly.
  • Promote your campaigns. You may need to promote the viral campaign a bit just to get it started and there are many free ways you can do this. (See our Viral Marketing Mini Course for more information on this.)
  • Ask them to take action. Forward on the content, subscribe buy or whatever goals you've set.
  • Be explicit in your request for action. Don't just say forward this on. Spell it out with "Click here to recommend this to others you think would find it useful."
  • Keep testing campaigns and keeping tabs on the results so you know what works for you.
  • Viral marketing is not simply adding a "send to friend button" or similar so take some time to plan out your strategy and ensure it fits with your entire marketing mix.
  • Provide fun, entertaining, good quality content that is genuinely appealing to your target group. It's natural to want to share good content.

The appeal of viral marketing is that with a slim budget you can potentially get exponential growth as it takes off, however this takes planning and understanding your audience.

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