Strategies that increase both traffic and rank
Getting the highest possible traffic is what most websites aim for. Since a large amount of traffic comes from the search engines, it is equally important to aim for higher rank on the search engines. On the internet alone, you can find hundreds of strategies that tell you how to increase your rank and traffic. This only means these two factors are very important.

The ranking of your site on the search engines and the rate of traffic that your site receives are reliable factors that can determine the overall success of your website. Because they are important, you need to increase them both! Here are some of the ways to do it simultaneously:

Site Submission to Directories

Submit your website to these kinds of directories:

• Open Directory Project or Dmoz,org;

• Directories related to your website’ theme or subject;

• Local or regional directories;

• Multiple subject directories; and

• Yellow pages and superpages.

After several weeks, check your listing on these directories. Follow up if you cant still see your site listed after quite a long time.

RSS Feeds

Internet marketers and promoters are looking into the benefits of the RSS Feeds. It allows you to add new content to your website without much difficulty. It also allows you to endorse your website’s new content.

Solicit Incoming Links.

Look for high ranking websites that are willing to give a link to your website. However, don’t participate in link farms and link scams. Achieve incoming links naturally. All you have to do is make your site relevant and informative so that other websites will be tempted to link to your site.

Write and Submit Articles.

This is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase your website’s rank and traffic. The strategy works as simple as writing an article and submitting it to good ranking article directories. Aside from the fact that these articles are helping your website to rank well on the search engines; they are also indispensable doors to your website. Online users are more likely to click on the resource box that goes along with each article – especially if the article is very informative and significant.

Involve Press Release

You can try creating press releases to the media indicating updates about your website, company, online business, products and services. This is a good start to make your website visible even on printed materials.

These techniques will give your site a higher rate of traffic while giving it a higher rank on the search engines. Isn’t it great? You will just have to use the same techniques and the result is double: higher rank and traffic!