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 Let’s start with the obvious: buying advertising. We’ve already talked about AdWords/AdSense arbitrage but exactly the same principle applies to buying your traffic from other sources too. For example, the minimum price for advertising at Overture is ten cents per click and you must spend at least $20 each month. If you can see that the ads being served on your site are generating less than ten cents per click then you’re never going to make a profit. Exactly the same is true of any other pay-per-click advertising campaign. One of the advantages of following your AdSense stats is that you can estimate how much the clicks on your ads are worth. That can tell you how much you can afford to pay for clicks from other sites when you buy advertising.

It might well pay to advertise, but before you buy make sure it pays a profit.


 Reciprocal Linking

 Many people focus on linking in order to improve their search engine rankings. That’s important but don’t forget that the links themselves can be one of your biggest sources of traffic! probably the easiest way to invite links (apart from searching out related  sites and writing to each one) is to add a “link” section to your pages where webmasters can choose a banner, button or text link to place on their site. On the same page, they can also submit their own site for linking. That should help you swap links without being swamped by sites looking for free placement . the most critical factor when requesting a link though is where the site places it. Links on the home page always do better than a link buried on one of the internal pages and a good banner or graphic link on a site with content related to yours will usually get more clicks than a text link. if you find that your links aren’t appearing on the pages you want, there are a couple of simple remedies that you can use. The first is to ask for a better position! If you have a good relationship with the webmaster or if it’s a small site, there’s a good chance that they’ll agree.It certainly won’t hurt to ask. Not everyone is so generous though, and another option is to offer something in return. A link in a similar position on your own site can make a good deal if your sites are of similar size but you can also offer content or even a special page for that site’s users. If you have a site about furniture for example, and you want a link at a top directory for home furnishings then you could create a special welcome page for users of that site to draw them deeper into yours and deliver targeted ads. You might even want to go as far as creating a sort of co-branded version of your site for their users to click into.

 Send A Friend

 There’s nothing like viral marketing to promote your site! It’s free, it comes with rusted recommendations and it gives you great CTR. Each of your content pages should have a link marked “Send a friend” which opens a form so that the user can send your URL onwards. Until Google allow ads in email, there’s little point in AdSense members sending actual content but there’s no reason why you (or your users) can’t send links to pages with ads.

Offline Marketing

 One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they build an Internet business is to forget that there’s a world outside the Internet! Just because you make money out of traffic doesn’t mean you have to source all of that traffic online. You should make sure that your URL is listed on all of your marketing material: your business cards, Yellow Pages ads, flyers, envelopes, freebies and just about anything else you can think of. You should certainly have your site address in your email signatures.

  Promoting Your Blog

I’ve talked quite a bit about blogging in this book, mostly because I know from eperience that it’s possible to make a very nice income from a good  Blog but also because it’s still fairly new, so a lot of people aren’t making the most of the blogs they have. If you’ve got AdSense on your blog, there’s a whole range of different things

that you can easily do to increase your traffic and earn extra cash. The first thing you should do is make sure that your blog is set to ping as soon you’ve updated. offers a free all-in-one pinging service that covers all the large blog directories and search engines. On, you can find this in your settings; other blog tools, such as Movable Type and Wordpress have a similar option. You should also set up an RSS feed to let people know when you update. Apart from the fact that you can now place ads on your feeds, it will also

keep your regular users coming back to see more ads (and to see your latest posts).  

Instead of linking to the previous month’s or the previous week’s posts, each page should also have its own link. Sounds obvious, right? And yet how many blogs have you seen with one link to about twenty different entries? One link per entry means more pages for ads, better links from external sites and higher search engine should certainly comment on other people’s blogs, especially those that

write about the same sort of things as your site, but ultimately the best wayto get traffic to your blog is to make it good. If your writing is dull or difficult to read, it doesn’t matter how hard you push it, no one will want to read it — and those who do stay won’t stick around to click the ads.