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Tracking With Channels  

Google has its own FREE tracking feature called "Channels". Channels remind me of spy movies, where a smart chip is planted in the arm of a super sleuth, making it easier to track his activities or whereabouts. AdSense hands you 50 such chips. Use them to track ads on specific domain names or to group ads according to specific ad formats, keywords, their location on the page etc. You can use any other factor that might impact their effectiveness, based on the type of website you have. Channel those clicks! Google tells you many things about each Channel, such as the ad impressions, click-throughs and earnings data. You can use the channel reports to find out which channels are making you the most money — and how to increase your earnings for other channels. 


 How To Create A Channel  

You should create a channel for each one of your sites.  

Within a site, youll still have the option of creating channels for individual pages if desired, and this can be useful if you want to check how well ads are doing on a certain set of pages versus another set. But start by creating one  URL channel for each site  and you’ll have the general overview that you can use as a  starting point for your tracking. And its very easy to do.  The first thing youll want to do is create URL channels. The original Channels required you to manually change AdSense tags for each ad block you wanted to track. Many AdSense partners complained about the pesky old channels, and at last, Google launched its URL Channels to make life easier.  you can use URL Channels to track individual pages or just specify the domain name to track all the pages in that website. The pages or websites you add will be automatically tracked — there's no need to manually change the code on those pages. Neat! If I need to track all the ad units appearing on my website , I just need to feed in the domain name and Google does the rest. The URL Channels are especially useful if you have several websites, and have a general idea of the formats, colors, alignment etc. that works best for you.  Remember though, you still need the original, Custom Channels if you want to track ads across different domain names, based on ad sizes, formats, colors etc.  


 Tracking Tools

There’s a whole range of different tracking tools available to fill the gaps left by Google’s Channels. Here is a quick run-down of the main ones with two MUST-HAVE titles at the end:  

Google Analytics –the Best Of all available and its free

You can use the google’s new analytics software which tracks all the pages that you need . just paste the code generated by the software ,paste in your webpages you need to track , it gives everything of

Free . its the best of all , try it ,you will love it



CSV AdStats

CSV AdStats is less of a tracker and more of a number-cruncher. You can download Googles CSV data file and conduct a full stats analysis to check averages and create charts. A useful way to squeeze more sense out of your stats.FREE