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Making money with CPC

CPC cost per click advertising is the most common way to make money . With CPC, an advertiser pays a fee when someone clicks its link on your site, and you get a portion of that fee. The basis of CPC advertising is having visitors to your web site click the links presented to them by ads. People are likely to notice ads, and click on ad links, only if the content of the ad is relevant to their current interests.

the mechanism

  • A block of code on your web page calls a script on the server provided by the contextual ad program. This code also contains your tracking ID . so the ad program knows who to pay when the ads are clicked.
  • This code is activated when users load your web page in their web browser.
  • The activated code invokes the script on the server. When the script is invoked on the server, the content of your page is analyzed. This process usually involves some time delay the first time
  • The software decides which ads to serve based on its analysis of your web page content.
  • signeted ads are generated as HTML and served on your page


The amount of money generated by an individual click on a contextual ad is a highly variable and murky business. In the case of Google and other contextual programs, the amount that is paid for an ad depends on  bidding process where advertisers bid for keywords. So the amount paid for a contextual ad varies day-by-day and even hour-by-hour

 An individual click on a contextual ad is not going to make you rich. The net value to a web publisher of a click ranges from one or two pennies to a few dollars .The average click is probably worth about $0.20. Combine this statistic with the fact that the click-through rates (the clicks an ad gets divided by the number of times it is served) are in the low single-digit percentages2% is a quite respectable CTR and you come up with the fact that to make good money from CPC, you need a lot of traffic. A six-figure income from CPC contextual advertising is not unheard of, but it takes monthly page views in the millions.
 Supposing you have a great deal of content say 10,000 pages it's possible to reach the target volume of more than 100,000 page views per month with an average of 10 page views per page per month .These 100,000 page views per month might theoretically give you an income of around $400 a month calculated by multiplying 100,000 times the 2% CTR, times the $0.20 average fee per click

The CPC vendors.

Google's AdSense program, is the largest of the contextual CPC ad programs, with features aimed at both large and small web publishers .AdSense is a truly great program and works extremely well for many web content publishers. But perhaps you'd rather not work with Google's AdSense and are not big enough to work with Yahoo!'s Content Match.

Here are some possible reasons to work with an alternative program:

You'd like more control over the ads that appear on your site.

Your site features content that is not acceptable to Google, such as adult content.

You'd like to understand exactly what advertisers are paying for the ads and exactly how much commission is being deducted.

the other programs other than Google and yahoo are.







The publisher interface is a little rough around the edges and provides CPC ads that are not very contextually relevant; however, this innovative program allows web site publishers a great deal of control over the specifics of advertising that will appear on their site.


Unlike AdSense, all kinds of content is acceptable.


Up-and-comer founded by executives who used to run a contextual marketing concern that was bought by Google.


Requires a minimum of 150,000 page views a month for publisher participation.


Offers both CPC and CPM .