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This page will explain how to make money from your web site . there is a way that you become a sales representative for another site, by becoming an affiliate of the merchant. With affiliate programs , your site provides links to a merchant's site. You make money if and only if visitors you send to the merchant's site make purchases. selling on the Internet is quiet competitive; there are always multiple places for a consumer to buy anything. . You'll only be successful with your affiliate links if the goods provided by the merchants you are associated with are highly relevant to the content of your site.

Kinds of advertising programs

The three most common ways to use advertising to make money with content on the Web are:

Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs pay you a sales commission when someone who clicks through a link on your site to an advertiser's site actually buys something from that advertiser.

Sponsored advertising

You are paid a fee when a sponsored ad (either banner or text) is displayed on your site. Sponsored ads are often called CPM short for cost per thousand page impressions ads because these ads are paid for on a CPM basis.

Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is primarily text-based advertising that appears on web pages where there is a contextual relevance as determined by automated software. Contextual ads are often called CPC short for Cost Per Clickads, because that is the basis on which they are paid.

the type of ads which you have to put depends entirely on the content and the needs. the different aspects which you need to keep in mind are

Affiliate ad :the visitor has to actually get out a credit card and make an online purchase from the advertiser's site.

Contextual ad: the visitor has to actually click the ad to surf to the advertiser's page (no need to buy anything).

Sponsored ad :
all you need to do is to display the ad on your page

the whole process works in the way


Affiliate Aggregators

Major affiliate aggregators provide the following benefits to web publishers:

The publisher can use "one-stop shopping" to work with many different merchants.

There's only one software interface to learn.

Reporting and commission payments are consolidated.

A third party (the aggregator) provides consistent tracking software and provides some recourse in case of disputes over sales.

Don't forget: affiliate aggregators are paid by merchants, not publishers. They exist to provide a service to merchants who want to effectively manage affiliate programs without having to roll their own. They primarily represent the interests of the merchants who are their clients, not the interests of the affiliates.

You'll need at least one content-based web site to enroll with an affiliate aggregator. Once you've signed up with an affiliate aggregator, the aggregator will provide a single web site that allows you to:

Apply to individual merchant affiliate programs

Get HTML for creatives

Generate activity reports

Commission Junction ,, and LinkShare ,, are the two best-known affiliate aggregators.

Things you need to keep in mind

·         Identify merchants with affiliate programs that mesh well with your content.

·         Explore, and sign up with, affiliate aggregators and individual merchants' affiliate programs.

·         Integrate creatives as HTML links, banners, and search boxes on your web site.

·         Monitor affiliate statements for traffic, click, conversion, and sales commission statistics.

·         Experiment with your choice of merchants and their creatives to optimize your returns